Proposal 17: Translator`s value proposition for PowerPool

Use part of 350k CVP from 14-th Proposal (Proposal 14: Use 350k CVP from canceled testers allocations to create strategic community rewards pool) to incentive translations of PowerPool medium articles and all the significant content created by community or team (infographics, instructions, web-site etc.) to other languages.
UPD: Proposal 19: Smart Ecosystem Fund
There is another proposal that will probably go live on voting soon so key info and conclusions are here.
All the info about research that has been done for this is here - Crypto adoption + English proficiency statistics

How to make it happen?

Abstract :
Translating crypto articles is not easy: a lot of words pretty hard to translate but it has to be done because your compatriots probably won`t understand them without the professional translation. Of course, anyone can use services for machine translation but if you try to do it, you probably will not be satisfied with the result because 100% of machine-translated articles have to be finalized by the translator.

In PowerPool we build a strong community that grows fast and we have to know much more about the products that PowerPool already released or will release. But how this community can be built if so many people can neither read nor write in English?

We need to create a community of translators inside the PowerPool community for this purpose.

Motivation :
“As “Democracy cant exist without rewards”, we can hardly expect the most active community members with relevant skill sets to allocate enough time to work on numerous tasks for PP without a clear understanding of what can they earn.”
So this can be the first part of Ambassador`s program and first step to incentive contributors.

Specification :

  1. Languages: Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Portuguese, Korean, Malay, Turkish, Hindi Due to research Crypto adoption + English proficiency statistics

  2. All the translators joins server PowerPool translators :
    This is a place where we will discuss articles in terms of translation, share tools for work etc.

  3. Every translator will set a nickname on the server like “nickname_language” . For example “Getmegone_RU”. Plus, we will rename our Medium accounts to “official” PowerPool accounts for every native language. For example “PowerPool_RU”. All the original articles will contain links to this medium accounts.

  4. Leveling system : there are gonna be roles on server depending on the amount of translated articles for PowerPool:
    Common translator: 0–24 articles translated;
    Uncommon translator: 25–49 articles translated;
    Rare translator: 50–74 articles translated;
    Epic translator: 75–99 articles translated;
    Legendary translator: 100+ articles translated;
    Raid boss: 200+ articles translated.
    All these roles affects the salary.

  5. Deadline : 48 hours from the moment of publishing article in if original article was posted from Sunday to Thursday to the moment when translation posted in “lang-request”; 72 hours from the moment of publishing article in if original article was posted from Friday to Saturday to the moment when translation posted in “lang-request”; if deadline is violated by 24 hours, translators get 75% of the regular payment for this article; if deadline is violated by 24 + hours, translator gets 50% of of the regular payment for this article. We can face some exceptions like (huge article with a very tough text);

  6. No full-machine translations : once per month I will check random translations from every translator. I will translate original article into native language of translator witl google translate (or any other machine-translator if needed), then compare it with the text from translator with this tool . If the Levenshtein distance gonna be less then 1000 (let`s start with this number, I need to backtest on my own translations) I will assume that this article was almost fully translated with a machine-translator.

  7. Payment : Imo we should pay according to the amount of words from the original article and level of the translator:
    Common translator: 0–24 articles translated; 0.025 CVP per word in the first 24 articles translated
    Uncommon translator: 25–49 articles translated; 0.03 CVP per word in next 24 articles translated.
    Rare translator: 50–74 articles translated; 0.035 CVP per word in next 24 articles translated.
    Epic translator: 75–99 articles translated; 0.04 CVP per word in next 24 articles translated.
    Legendary translator: 100+ articles translated; 0.045 CVP per word in next 100 articles translated.
    Raid boss: 200+ articles translated. 0.05 CVP per word in next articles translated.

  8. How to pay translators
    Every month I will ask every translator to fill the table like this with info about:

  1. links to the translated articles
  2. time and date of releasing article in “official” Medium of native language
  3. Discord nickname
  4. Wallet address
    All this has to be done in the first 5 days of each month.

After that I will have 5 days to check 25% of all the translated articles randomly with to check if the translation was made with or without machine-translation. Also I will check comments in medium to figure out if there are some negative comments devoted to the quality of translation. If the Levenshtein distance is below 1000 (this number can be changed after the backtest of all my translations) translation will be declined. If the deadline was violated, the amount of CVP per article will be recalculated. After my approval team sends on my wallet the amount of CVP needed to pay for translations and I will send the “salary” per last month to every contributor.

And all the translations eligible for rewards will be posted in special category “Ecosystem Fund” on Power Forum in order to be checked by Community revisors due to Proposal 19: Smart Ecosystem Fund

Also I get 10% share of the total amount CVP paid to translators for every month due to my time spent creating a community of translators, checking their quality of job, sending payments, gas fees etc. So it’s about 315 CVP per month additionally if we have 10 translators.


Hey, @Getmegone, thanks for the proposal, you certainly did a great job. However I would like to clarify, whether you propose rewarding only translators translating into the languages mentioned in the proposal. Because I see no point excluding other translations from the scope of the proposal.

As for me I would love to start translating the PowerPool articles and promoting them on the social media, but those would be translations into Slovak (I am an the official court English-Slovak language translator), which could cover two countries, Slovakia and Czech Republic, together 15 million residents. And I think there are more people like me, who would like to help and get paid for it at the same time. I am aware that some countries are not so populous and therefore their language coverage would be smaller, nevertheless I think that translating one PowerPool article into 20 languages would be much more beneficial than translating 10 articles into 2 languages.

Simply put, I don’t think we should leave out any translator who has the enthusiasm for the PowerPool visions as well as the skills to provide a high level of translation into his/her native language.

Hi guys.

Just created my account. I sent you a message on Twitter, but I never had an answer.

I’m currently writing articles about indexes, and I just need to speak about Powerpool to have the full list. I usually write article/guide and tutorials. You already have nice articles o Medium just I wanted to translate one of those. Then by looking for more infos, I look at this forum and I saw that post ! And I thought I’ll share my experience.

First I saw you already have someone for French translation… sad …

I see more and more project involving their community to translate content. I’s an amazing idea. And usually it works very well, and you have all articles in 20 languages. But then ? … there is no then… articles are just on a google document , or they are on a Medium, but nobody will share it. Or there is just a link on the “main website” where all translations are rallied. So let’s be honest nobody will read it !

The point of translating articles in several languages is to reach new communities. So, IMO, you should also find a member in each community (language) able to share and speak about PowerPool.

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Good point, maybe each translator could also be some kind of an ambassador for his respective community. I was definitely planned to do that once I make the translation… with having the material to share, it is much easier to speak about it :slight_smile:

Yes I think it’s essential. But building a community takes time…

So here I see 2 different things. Translators , where you are paid just to translate as a work. And “ambassador” or whatever you want to call it. Where active members speak about the project and can receive a grant for that.

I also think that there is no need to exclude any language, BUT!
We don`t know yet the amount of CVP that community and team ready to spend on contributors. Due to 14th proposal from @Sergey it is 350k CVP for year. And due to my proposal, it is 10 most popular languages for translations with the highest amount of potential readers. And it is about 3k CVP per month or 30k CVP per year. And this is about 10% of total pool for contributors. If we add 10 more translators, we will get 20% of the pool which is a bit not fair I guess, cuz there are a lot of other possible contributors like ciontent-creators, researchers, analytics etc. Anyway if community will decide to have more than 10 core-language translators it will be easier to calculate possible rewards for them

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As i wrote in a post a bit higher: there are a lot of possible contributors to share the pool from 14th proposal.
And u and @Glow are right. Those translations (or any other content) will be useless if there are no auditory for that.
But as I pointed in proposal:“More views can be achieved by naming medium accounts of translators as an official PowerPool accounts for each language. For example: “PorwerPool_ES” for Spanish language or “PowerPool_RU” for Russian language. Having links to this mediums in every original PowerPool article will let people follow their native language account of PowerPool and get the latest articles translated as soon as possible.”
Ofc there must be ambassadors for each community and this ambassadors can be translators but I believe that translator can be not an ambassador. We cant force people who probably good in 1 thing (translation for example) become an Ambassador cuz he maybe not good in it. Ambassador has to have good connections with significant people in crypto-media among his compatriots, even better if he is a media-influencer by himself etc. So my point is, that it is amazing if translator also influencer, but it is not neccesary term for translating articles. Btw, ambassadors also have to paid) Some of them are early testers and they can share info in order to sell tokens from testnet later on higher prices but they already have em (not claimed yet ofc) so they can skip this part.
As for me, I share info about translations a lot, but it`s only because I know where to share it and I know couple influencers personally who helps me to share info (especially “Incrypted -”. We will visit them in 2021 to have AMA about PowerPool for community). But 1-2 posts from for example Sergey from ICODROPS will overcome any possible view stats that I can achieve shilling my translations.
So its a bit more complicated as there can be translators, ambassadors, shillers etc.
And in this article I deliberately separated this topic about translations from all the other possible activities

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Ok thanks for your answer. Do you have the same proposition for “ambassador” or not yet ?

I don`t but there is a topic already created about this:

Unfortunately I have no time to create full Ambassador program yet. Atm I am also Ambassador for Polkadot, so I am trying to figure out how it works there

Ok thanks for your reply.

If there is need (translator, communication) for the French side, just let me know

I fully agree with this point, keep in mind that we are not oly translators, but also will be the SPOC (single point of contact) for any related questions or comments about the project. And we would be also the ones to spread the word to our respective languages

Guys, could be postpone decision on the translators’ role in the ecosystem until the ambassadors’ roles are defined and then perhaps submit the two proposals together? I would love to start translating PP articles, however it is true that without being the single point of contact for the respective communities would diminish the effects of spreading such articles. There should definitely be rewarded positions of “national” ambassadors working closely with the respective translators also being rewarded for the translating.

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There is a system called “agile”. Its a method in project management that is characterized by delivering small parts of product to prod. So this method allows to deliver features fast, test them fast and fix fast because this pieces are pretty small.
So Ambassador program is very tough and huge thins to develop fast, so it will take time, resources, motivation to create all of it (and its probably have to be 1 person who create this, because if there are no “releases” in prod that can be connected with other in Ambassador program, then there is a need to develop it all by yourself.)
So if we assume that translators are essential for ambassador program and they are 100% gonna be there, so there is possibility to start with smthng like this part of program

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The well-written proposal, surprised by how seriously it is done @Getmegone
Full support

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Had to rename proposal to 17-th due to 16th proposal suddenly appeared in Governance section)

Hi guys, hi @cryptouf , nice to see you here (love your articles btw).

I already spoke with @Getmegone so I completely agree with this. We have to move fast, in an agile way if we want to have an impact. We cannot wait for the whole Ambassador program to be built :slight_smile:
Once we have the list of languages to be translated in, we also have to define how to handle several translators from the same country / language… Because, otherwise, how could we be sure that the “official” translator will continue to be dedicated to the project on the long term? What happen if a translator doesn’t answer for a few days or if he’s late for some translations? We cannot wait, hoping for him to return, so there needs to be a way to have several translators as backups.

hi ! thanks a lot

One way is to give competitive rewards. So you don’t want to miss a translation. Or have a ranking system. 1 translators start (more active member for example), and if he missed a translation the second one on the list take the spot. The Uber of translation ^^ TBH i don’t really like this option ^^

Or you trust your member and believe that active members will always be involved (or they will say it when they want to stop).

But as I said above. More than translation you want a nice way to share it. I saw a lot of a project with a translation in 20 languages, but it’s useless as nobody speaks about the project.

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Yeah, I thought about. We discussed it with other translators and decided that there have to be 1 translator for each language. But I understand that there are few languages that probably will have more than 1 potential translator for each defined language, so I want to find for this translators other projects to work with. Ofc if “official” translator exceeds deadline regularly or have a lot of mistakes or (what even worse) uses machine translations, this translator will not be translating articles for PP or any other project (reminder: PP articles are in priority for official translators).
And pretty soon I will ask translators from here to fill the form with previous PP translations, or not only PP translations cuz experience matters anyway, so we will have a list of all the translators)

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There is a leveling system that allows to build long-term relationships with translators.
And there is also a deadline that gives u 48 hours to translate article and share it, otherwise reward will be cut in half. And if translator decides to skip this article cuz he won`t get paid anyway, I will notice it anyway in the beginning of the next month and if there is more motivated translator, he will have a chance to take place.
I just want everyone to understand - this translations become a job when u get paid for it) And it has and will be taken seriously)
Happy new year everyone!)


Topic might seem to be a bit dead but we are just waiting for info about the proposal regarding ecosystem fund from the team) Guess its gonna be released soon) Stay tuned and join our community of translators

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