Proposal 17: Translator`s value proposition for PowerPool

Hi guys, sorry to bring this issue back again, but let’s talk a bit more about the possibility to include all languages in the translator’s PP funding. And even though I understand the point of effective funding of only most common languages to be translated to, I still believe that it is not only translation itself that can attract other people (investors) to PP but also (and perhaps mainly) the active building of the community of native speakers. So having the translations of PP articles to uncommon language with the great community activity and support might in the long run help the PowerPool visions more that just having translations to frequently used languages posted in medium articles.

So my point is: let’s not exclude translators of any language, if there are people who would like to translate the PP articles with belief and enthusiasm no matter if the language is frequently used or not. If there is a sufficient source of funding (at least for now), let’s try it at least for few months and we will see in practice soon enough, if there are excited translators among us who can deliver high quality work and perhaps start building the native speaking community at the same time (as I would do myself).

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Thanks for this awesome and very well written proposal, I hope it will be implemented and that it will allow more people to get involved with PowerPool.

I also agree with Glow, I don’t see why we would exclude languages only based on English proficiency statistics. Even in countries where the average English level is pretty high, many people don’t necessarily speak English at all, and could benefit from properly translated articles.
But even if we follow this logic, I think using the line between “High Proficienty” and “Moderate Proficienty” as a limit can be pretty unfair. For example, France and Latvia are in the bottom ranks of the High Proficiency, with scores of 559 and 555, while Italy or even Spain are in the top of Moderate Proficiency, with 547 and 537. Why would we stop people from translating for PowerPool because of that limit when there is such a small difference in the actual scores? Seems pretty unfair to me, especially if translators and serious and willing to take the job properly.

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@Getmegone please could you react to this and consider it before submitting final governance proposal? I am open to discussion…

Hey everyone, sorry for delay.
I think that we should first accept proposal about 10 most popular languages that have poor level of knowledge of English language.
Then, if it works for community of this languages, we can add another languages to this list.
As you all can see, it is not cheap for community and there is a thin balance between the costs of the process and the needs of community.
10 translators gonna cost about 30k CVP per year. Dont forget that this is about 10% of possible Ecosystem community fund. If we add more translators, we will take the bigger part of this fund. There are a lot of possible “hires” that gonna cost much more than a regular translator (marketers, researchers, analytics etc.). So I think that we need first to get the 10 most popular languages in crypto to close the biggest gap between PowerPool and possible users of this project.
Again, if it works and brings money into indexes - we can propose to increase the amount of translators.
And I believe that not all the translators can/should be community managers, leaders, influencer in their native-speaking community. It has to be done by professionals (who also has to be rewarded for that). But if u fell that u have enough strength in you to create community- just do it and get rewards for this. When u have community, u can understand do they need translations or it is enough for them to read posts in English.

I understand the logic but the think is: right now do you/we have 10 high-quality translator ready to translate to 10 most popular languages? Or is it just a hypothetical situation? Because if we do not have these 10 translators ready, then let’s hire those translators, who are ready and excited about translating to their languages right now! Let’s deal with the financial and personal resources we have now, because I think it might be more beneficial for the PP project to hire the excited translator from the current community than search for someone new just because he/she could translate to a popular language. Let’s use what we have now!

No we dont have translators for all the languages, cuz proposal is not accepted yet so there is no need to find people if there is no confidence that they will be rewarded.
@Glow can you remind me what your native language is? Is it French?
Cuz we already got couple translators for French but again due to proposal and logic there must be only 1 translator for 1 language.

I am a translator to Slovak, but Czech people can understand the language as well without difficulties. So in Slovakia and Czech Republic there is 15 millions people that can be targeted. Is it enough, is it worth it? I think yes…

You can`t say that all 15 mln people are in crypto, right?
Check statistics, Czech Republic is on the 47th place in Crypto adoption index and on 19th in English proficiency rating. It means that there are not so many people in crypto and pretty many people knows English pretty well.

No, I can’t say how many people in Slovakia and Czech Republic are crypto-positive… but I would say the smaller the number the greater need to bring them simple, clear and easy to understand information about it, about PP to be specific. And what I also know that I would love to translate PP articles and build the PP community and getting paid for it at the same time, because this project just fits my expectations what the progressive DeFi should be. And I would love to support anybody else who feels the same…

I understand that u want get paid for translations but my opinion is still the same: we need to start with top-10 most valuable languages.
U still can try to create community, translate articles etc. If this proposal impacts project and community in a good way, there will be possibility to get paid for what uve done as a translator, community manager or something like that. I cant add Slovak language in proposal because I will have to add all the other languages in proposal because of that, And in this case we can just throw away all the stats, forget about PnL etc.