Final translations proposal

  1. Abstract:
    Translation of PowerPool Medium articles to following languages: Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Portuguese, Korean, Malay, Turkish, Hindi by community members for community members who doesn`t know English language enough to understand original articles.

  2. Motivation:
    Due to this research: Crypto adoption + English proficiency statistics there are countries with highest crypto adoption and lack of knowledge of English language. This proposal will make residents of these countries available to understand the idea of PowerPool and stay in touch with updates.

  3. Roadmap/Timeline/KPIs/what will be delivered:
    All the articles going to be translated without full-machine translation and posted in PowerPool_RU (for example) medium before deadline.
    More details here: Proposal 17: Translator`s value proposition for PowerPool

  4. Compensation:
    10 weeks vesting for all the rewards. List of translators is here (and all the info about our job)
    Leveling system will help PowerPool keep translators loyal for a long period of time. The longer translator works with project, the better he is doing his job:
    Common translator: 0–24 articles translated; 0.025 CVP per word in the first 24 articles translated
    Uncommon translator: 25–49 articles translated; 0.03 CVP per word in next 24 articles translated.
    Rare translator: 50–74 articles translated; 0.035 CVP per word in next 24 articles translated.
    Epic translator: 75–99 articles translated; 0.04 CVP per word in next 24 articles translated.
    Legendary translator: 100+ articles translated; 0.045 CVP per word in next 100 articles translated.
    Raid boss: 200+ articles translated. 0.05 CVP per word in next articles translated.
    Also I request payment for January
    UPD 6 weeks vesting for January translations due to delay of proposal launch for 4 weeks.
    Yahile#8344 , Chinese, joined in the middle of January - 87 CVP
    vanducff#0615, Vietnamese, joined in the end of January - 18 CVP
    Moon_blow#6269, Turkish, joined in the end of January - 61 CVP
    alb2001#2529, Spanish, joined in October - 180 CVP
    Getmegone#2897, Russian, joined in October - 180 + 34 = 216 CVP

  5. Background/relevant info about service provider/testimonials/previous experience:
    Translating articles from PowerPool Medium into Russian since October 2020 (40+ articles already translated, about 700 views per month usually), early LP, part of research team, unofficial Revisor Translation Officer, business-developer at regular work).


great! So am I understanding it right, you request payment not for future translations, but for already done ones? And how future work will be paid, also by rewards with vesting? maybe we can specify the number of rewards for each translator for the next 24 articles? And they will get them with 10 weeks vesting and if they will work good CVP will significantly grow over this time (and if the budget will finish before these 10 weeks, then request next tranche)?

So, people will see CVP in the contract and will have a bigger motivation to get these tokens unlocked at a good price. Also, it is initial trust to your people and it Is not bad (we are talking about not big amounts of CVP anyway)


Nah, I propose the scheme of work that will allow request payments for the translation that already has been done.
For example if this scheme (with leveling system, amount of CVP per word and rules I defined) will be accepted, my next proposal will contain much less info and I will be able just to refer to this proposal).
I don`t want to ask money for something that has not been done yet so every my proposal will contain info with request for the job that has been done per last month with the certain amount of CVP for that due to the scheme in this proposal.
As example, I request payment for January based on the scheme in this proposal.

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This is fairly, I support this approach.

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definitely for this proposal!

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Ty mate, its very important to me especially because we had disagreements about it)

I’m wondering is google translate not sufficient for translating articles?

Edit: I was ignorant, I see that in proposal 17 machine translations have been addressed. Awesome!

Hey) Sometimes I use google translate when I am lazy to read some articles in English and everytime I try, I realize that it works well for regular articles, but crypto is pretty different and google doesn’t fit it yet. Maybe later it will replace translators but not now)

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@Getmegone hey mate, I have seen that the translation proposal did not pass, however I believe you should resubmit it soon because we were suppose to vote on it just during the period of the insane ETH fees so I believe many people just did not vote to save some money.

If you try to pick a time of lower fees, I am sure it will be approved.


Official team statement for Final translators proposal outcome:
We completely support @Getmegone with this proposal since he contributed a lot to PowerPool from the first months of project operation.

The proposal didn’t pass as gas prices were extremely high. To solve this we decided to implement Snapshot voting and save gas costs for all CVP community members. However, the basic Snapshot version can account for only CVP token votes, while CVP-ETH LP and other LP tokens containing CVP cannot be used. We aim to solve this issue during next week.

At the same time, the @Getmegone proposal will be re-launched on the Snapshot page and we have no doubts that the community will support it. Stay tuned for updates, we will try to do it ASAP!


Thank you for support) Timing was wrong, definitely)

Thank you for support, I appreciate that)

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Hi mate, DrGonzo told me to reach out to you. Not sure if the community think it is worth it but I am happy to help for any French translation (150m speakers in Africa)

Hey there) I think that we can think about it if we dont find 10 translators for 10 languages till the end of February) Join Discord and text me 28.02.2021 ok?)