Proposal 14: Use 350k CVP from canceled testers allocations to create strategic community rewards pool

Summary :

Use 350k CVP from canceled testers’ allocations to establish a separate fund which will be sponsoring all types of PP contributors

Abstract :

7 allocations from Beta and Gamma testers were canceled due to different reasons

According to the discussion in Oct-2020, we planned to retrospectively distribute 150-200k CVPs to early LPs as rewards

At the moment it’s pretty obvious, that we can use this 350k CVP in a much smarter way to help the Project (I am saying this with a heavy heart as I have been an LP since the day #2).

I suggest to create a separate address and put these funds there until we decide on the exact rewards policy

While being working on this simple proposal, I checked out what methods for community rewards are used by other projects and surprisingly found out that there are either no properly established schemes or the existing schemes just dont work for PP (e.g. Polka’s rewards system). So we have to invent it ourselves

Motivation :
As “Democracy cant exist without rewards”, we can hardly expect the most active community members with relevant skill sets to allocate enough time to work on numerous tasks for PP without a clear understanding of what can they earn.

While establishing a proper landscape of possible “jobs” and rewards is a complex task itself and require deep dive into the Projects vision and strategy, we need to start from something.

Lets make this first step and then work on a more detailed structure of rewards and workstreams.
This will allow us to attract the best minds to enforce the Team’s capacity and fund research, marketing, biz/cust/product dev tasks.
So effectively this will be a cash-in investment into the Project.

Specification :

350k CVPs is ~$1 mn at the current price - I estimate that this will be enough at least for 12m.
We already have at least two ways to spend these funds:

Parts 2 and 3 of this proposal will effectively be a detailisation of this specification and will include

  1. Suggested types of jobs to be funded from the Rewards pool
  2. Proposal on establishing community-governed/elected governance bodies

Strongly FOR this.

No other comments. Really good prop.

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True. We have a lot of participants of community who support PowerPool in different ways. Even though it`s pretty hard to evaluate the merits they have to be evaluated.

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Thanks this is a good observation. I believe we have more to do in coming months, research and development, fund management should be paramount

I think I can take part with translations of articles. Everyone who want to translate PP articles to abother languages - join


translation, internationsl communities, content creation such as videos explaining the depths of PowerPool, there’s still a lot of work to do

Tomorrow gonna share info about translations with the team of translators and Sergey

Here is my proposal about translating articles


Have you already considered submitting a proposal for financing the translations?

Nope I wanted @Sergey and @powerpoolAdmin read it first, so I didn`t post it in medium for a couple weeks. Just kept it as a draft.
Aaand I dont have 10k cvp to launch the proposal but this at least can be solved with votes delegation)

sorry mate. I hoped to aggregate all the thoughts on governance and grants into one proposal, but looks like it is too complex. need much more time on it.

I think you should go ahead and put a separate proposal on the translators grants. at least for this part everything is pretty straightforward and you can set the prices according to the market benchmarking.

I ll review the materials in comming days

Sure, no problem)
Ill create proposal in coming days I guess

Oh, almost forgot: Crypto Lamer yesterday released video about PowerPool:
Its in Russian language but still)

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