PowerPool Ambassador Program Discussion

No, I don’t…

We can adopt model used for my pervious works. Create a group, collate & assign roles, review and post.

Sponsor Ad
Email Marketing
News letters

Sounds like a good idea. I actually asked the team a few days ago about a list of tasks, althought not exactly related with advertising. However I haven’t got a response yet. But maybe a section on the Discord where we can put a list of tasks (or propose them) and assign it to any of the current contributors

We started a discussion about the role of translators. Anyone who wanna join as a translator or as an adviser - please welcome: https://discord.gg/z4Fd9jnx

till the end of the week we (translators I mean)) will be ready to present the scheme of our job in terms of ambassador program (and 14-th proposal too)

this link is broken for me. did it get replaced?

Dm me Getmegone#2897 in Discord
Link lives for couple hours I guess)

Hi there,

Congrats on the progress accomplished so far, YETI index is spot on.

Allow me to introduce you to Based protocol, their strengths very helpful I believe.

$BASED community is 3500+ strong of artists, investors and buidlers sharing ethos for fair launch and community driven development.

Based is designed for deep culture interaction, providing partnering projects with social media coverage, meme production and NFT art creation.

To implement partnership, partners launch “Rover” smart contracts : partners lock coins in the contracts, to be distributed to the $BASED stakers over a full year time period.

More than six projects such as Sushiswap or Amp have already joined Moonbase, it seems to be a great opportunity for Powerpool to develop $CVP $YETI $PIPT, don’t you think ?

Here are couple of links to learn more about based protocol :


As a sign of good will, please enjoy this creations by @seethewizard69


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do you guies want more of that ?

Coindesk : Moonbase to support Defi Fair Launch Movement

FTX Podcast : $BASED Protocol

So I created proposal about translations. This can be the first brick in a Ambassador program

Hi, as i said on the other post. I’m not sure I want to commit as an official Ambassador.

But if you need help on the French site, translation or articles/tuto. I can help and share on my website: cryptoouf.com

And on social media (I’m mod on several big French crypto group).

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Thanks for your support. Join our community (if u didnt yet) https://discord.gg/dxFfVUPZhY
There are already some French translations about PowerPool articles

Yes i know ! That’s why I’m just offering help. Mostly to share with a community . As I do more than “simple” translations

So, I’ve been approached by @DrGonzo because he noticed my twitter activity.

I have a strong background in marketing and sales as well as computer science (ecommerce) and I have trained the ability to think like my vis-a-vis: what it is my counterpart wants to achieve or solve, what his/her agenda/interest is, what his/her concerns are and how I can I respond to that specifically.
Over the years, I should say, I learned to ask questions or make digestable statements of complex matters.

I’ve read above of the ambassador role as having to be somebody “totally reliable and most trusted”. While I agree, I believe the ambassadors this project needs won’t be found by filling out a form or any passive form of sourcing. So reaching out was the correct approach imo. Just to be clear; I don’t mean to criticize anybody personally.
I strongly believe “what you do well, you should not do for free” and I gathered that ambassador’s work will be compensated. Very smart and goal-oriented indeed. That is a pro.
What I think in addition that such a team can be managed. What I mean by that? The effort has to be coordinated. Feed your ambassador with the info and data to work with, define a goal you like to achieve and shoot.

You got to anticipate the questions that need to be answered and ask the right questions.

Doesn’t it all come down to numbers (when one deposits funds in a preferably trusted investment vehicle to gain some yield)?

What do you think

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Thanks for raising this now! Dr Gonzo are I are working on a proposal to refine and extend the Ambassadors program. The Ambassadors Program is administered by Dr Gonzo as Team Leader for SparkDAO. The SparkDAO team budget in the 2021-22 Operating Budget includes substantial resources for the Ambassadors Program, and the Ecosystem Fund will be used as a ‘backstop’ for larger initiatives.

The first step for joining SparkDAO (or any SparkTeam) is to request access to the SparkDAO Discord channel. The next step is to thoroughly digest the Wiki, which serves as the coordination hub for the DAO.

Dr Gonzo and I welcome all sorts of assistance from members of SparkDAO, from formally-appointed Ambassadors with key linguistic/regional expertise, to Community Moderators who thoroughly understand and can explain the new vision, and the DAO governance process in all time zones.

Dr Gonzo and I welcome more Community volunteers to drive PowerPool forward on a global stage.


@DrGonzo and I came to an agreement that I’ll join the ‘new structure’ as of last week and came to an agreement in regard of the monthly compensation.

I think I don’t got an invite to the SparkDAO discord yet. I could very well handle all input and information I can get my hands on as I have many questions and require some guidance (product and procedure related) to promote properly. As expected.

Looking forward to fruitful discussions and presentations!

I will assign you a role in the main dizcord server today! Welcome to the DAO :handshake:

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Yes, welcome indeed…we are making a big effort to post everything we are doing on the project Wiki. Ambassadors should all read everything in the Wiki, and monitor the daily changes/additions via Notion, which you can install on your desktop and your phone. After reading the Wiki, feel free to post questions of interest to SparkDao team members on the SparkDAO Discord channels. More general questions should be posted in the FAQs sections…

If you are still around, there is some key new content on the wiki that needs a French version…good way to learn about the new vision…

I’m always around. !