PowerPool Ambassador Program Discussion

Fellow PowerPool community members,

The PowerPool team has always been delivering on their promises while developing a top-notch tech product. However, PowerPool’s weak side is marketing and outreach.

I want to start a public discussion on a new kind of community engagement - the PowerPool Ambassador Program.

Ambassadors are the most trusted and reliable community members. Accordingly, they will receive various perks such as access to team channels, early testing, first access to new products (like Power Index allocation), merchandise, and more.

I think the team needs to allocate a monthly budget dedicated to growing the community and brand awareness, and providing monetary compensation for tasks such as content creation. As I see it, one of the critical responsibilities of a PowerPool ambassador will be the management of this budget. I suggest to call it - Ambassador Treasury.

I invite the team and all active community members to this conversation.


Amazing! The community decided not to wait for a content creation grant program but to create it by itself. I completely support this, let’s push it to the real proposal!
PowerIndex launches soon so we need to create a lot of stuff together.
@Sergey @DeFi

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@pahuyswap do you have any ideas on how much rewards can be? At least the total allocation

Thanks for initiating this discussion on forum @pahuyswap

I think this will be a complex and probably painful, though absolutely necessary exercise.
Why? Because we need to create a solid structure on how different supporters (not only ambassadors will be compensated). And the possible supporters’ roles are very different and it is hard to compare who should get more compensation and why. But very easy to offend valuable people at the same time and demotivate them.

I suggest to agree here on the most possible and valuable roles and then go to compensation plans. Will revert with further thoughts on this from my side


Totally agree with topic starter and comments.
There are a lot of people who support the project atm and will do it in the furutre. I was taking part in Open Predict social mining and seems like we can take pieces of theirs programm. It was built on a makerdao social mining platform I guess. It wont work for everything without customisation (we need more roles than it has now for example) but anyway, there are succesfull examples on the market.
https://community.openpredict.io/ - login with google for example. it will be enough to check logic of this.
Upd: I didn`t really like reward system from Open Predict so I quit cuz it was all created around staking your coins and getting the more awards the higher your rating is. And you can be rated when your posts are voted, so you can contribute useful info but some meme lord (as I was there) will get more rating than you.

I think that’s a good idea, but as @Sergey mentioned, we have to view it from a bigger perspective. Not only ambassadors need incentives, but other roles as well.

At the same time, we need to start small, so if the team dedicates a certain monthly budget to the Ambassador Treasury, it’s a good start.

I created a google form for ppl s submit their desire to be an ambassador, everybody welcome


Thanks, team, for mentioning my post in the tweet. That’s so flattering - https://twitter.com/powerpoolcvp/status/1323029736021516288

And thanks, @DrGonzo, for the google form.

I’m preparing some materials myself to post them later, but I would like to encourage the team and other members to share more of their thoughts.


We 100% need this. However, I would wait a few weeks before putting this to a governance vote.


  1. Main-net is coming out
  2. Tons of technical implementations
  3. Protocol Politicians need to be chosen
  4. Testers Still Have Untapped Value

While this proposal is 100% necessary I would suggest to put together a comprehensive plan on KPIs, payments, and oversight before putting this to a vote. If this was to be put to a vote then it would spread the team to thin while they’re working on the main-net launch and other implementations.

Additionally, the next major vote and awareness campaign is the Protocol Politician vote. I believe the community is underestimating the social-economic incentives Protocol Politicians and Boardroom will bring to PowerPool. The outcome will be tons of Twitter content, memes, and Boardroom conference calls.

Lastly, alpha, beta, gamma testers still have untapped value. We should try to extract testers’ value before implementing another program with the same end goal. @powerpoolAdmin should put together a small team led by active testers and community members to extract value from testers.


Seems logic but we also need people to share this info, translate it, create content around it etc. I`m afraid that if we skip this part and release all the main things of project (like main Index or voting for protocol politicians) in silence, no one will know much about it


What types of content do you mean? The team should allocate a budget for launch to create some videos and articles which should then be circulated by testers as the main distribution channel. But we shouldn’t create an entire program without proper planning. Are you onboard with this?

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How I see it: the team is trying to make PowerPool community governance first.
So it makes sense if community will govern a portion of marketing budget. But I see your point @DeFi

I think though, that actions like this can be synergetic, and this program can amplify impact of Protocol Politician Program, especially since this program is not getting much attention on other gov forums.

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On Protocol Politicians
Thanks for addressing this. I will write a thread on this today on how to get more traction for protocol politicians.

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Amazing idea, I agree that our marketing factor is pretty weak now, I am very excited to be a ambassador, I see a lot of useful comments and ideas here.

Video-content-100% needed. When I look for info about the some project, first I look it in youtube cuz it is easier to watch even 30 min video explaining what is this project about than reading all the articles about it. And the more trust to the project I have the more views video has. To me it means that people are interested in this project.
And ofc quality is important. And it is amasing when some popular observers mention the project in their`s videos.


Let’s compile a list of what content categories we need, who we would prefer to complete them, and why. Then we can discuss a budget and timeframe with the team for the main-net release. We should also discuss with the team if PowerPool testers are willing to do some of these tasks. I know that the team chose a lot of talented testers. This is the optimal approach for the first wave of content. During this process we can start building out how a long term ambassador treasury functions.

I agree with this 100%. Which categories are you thinkign about? As @Getmegone suggests, video content is needed 100%. Even if it’s just by recording a base video and then doing voice overs to translate it into other languages. What other categories besides articles, translation and videos do you suggest?

@DrGonzo how many people filled the form?)

I think this is a good idea, however I would consider holding off on this, at this stage in the project. Thinking back to other projects, “Ambassadors” are indirectly rewarded by buying into the project early and then helping grow the project through their efforts (someone like chainlinkgod.eth being a classic example). This is a direct ROI on their investment, and many actually do the work out of love for the project and because of a shared vision, rather than due to being (directly) compensated for the work.

My question therefore is, to what extent is a formal incentive program necessary and even conducive? If it’s not properly designed and run you risk it being abused (content creators not necessarily interested in the project being overcompensated for work may be incentivised to 1) do quickly and dirty work, and 2) dump their CVP payment as soon as it’s received). To prevent this, it’ll need to be well managed, but that increases the governance overhead. I’d therefore be in favour of first seeing how far we can get organically and by merit of the project itself, and only considering this further down the road.

hey, not many, around 10 or so.

Thanks @kluebirby, it’s a valid point. I had experience with stupid bounty hunters who produce tons of useless content before. In this case, we need to think how to eliminate it and incentive only high quality content production.

What is @pahuyswap thinking about it?

I like a lot of the ideas that have been shared so far in the thread. However, I think we are conflating two different ideas. The first is an ambassador program and the other is a content creation program.

Based on the responses, I believe most people are interested in a content creation program that the community will help decide how to fund. I believe the correct next steps for that are to start by determining what content is most important now and also for the upcoming announcements.

Video content would get my vote in that case, as well as a detailed infographic that can explain in simple terms what PowerPool is. Think: We have a lot of top influencers supporting PowerPool, we should make content that is easy for them to share and easy for their audience to digest.

Once the content is decided on, let’s set a budget and go about selecting who will create it.

To address the ambassador program, I understand the argument that we want our early supporters to be ambassadors and benefit by the token going up. However, while marketing is weak I believe there is room for a special kind of ambassador program for people who are willing to be actively engaged in promoting CVP.

For these people, rewards like those mentioned by the OP (Merchandise, special channels, early access) seem like fair rewards for someone dedicated hours each day working to make PowerPool popular.

It also makes sense to me because someone who is talking about PowerPool a lot online will need quicker and more direct team access than us regular folk talking about governance on the forum or debating on Discord.

What does everyone think?

If you are interested in finalizing the content types hit me up on Discord in the news and marketing channel to discuss it or fill the form by @DrGonzo https://forms.gle/XshzWvFaK2zpWYwt5