Breakdown of current fund expenditure

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I wanted to check-in and see how the ecosystem is being spent. Is there a single google sheet that explains all the expenses, balances and returns from the fund? It would be good to have it pinned in this page. -About the Ecosystem Fund category


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Hey! Thanks for asking, so far we’ve spent ecosystem fund only on translators:

Plus allocated $5,000 in CVP for Creativity Contest winners.

May I suggest you use a small fraction of the ecosystem fund to incentivise an individual for tester relationship managemnen and streamline that operation? We have additional funds, why not put it to use? Open to assisting with treasury management if helpful.

That’s a good idea and exactly what I’m trying to do quite soon as a proposal to revamp PowerPool communication strategy. Would be happy to collaborate with you on this front: tg - DrGovernance

As I know team paid translators the first time from the multi-sig, second time I paid them from my board member allocation.

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