Smart Ecosystem Fund Idea

Boys, PowerLul is here :sunglasses:

We are setting-up a promoter team and need 3-4 days to present you a team structure (KPIs, Structure, Payments, etc) to be included in the proposal.

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Can there be a slot for a community builders and new investment attractors as well (for my part I brought 7 new investors to PP last month)? I started a FB community but since I cannot be paid as translator to Slovak/Czech (these languages are not covered by the translator’s part of funding), I would at least continue to build the Slovak/Czech speaking community (which would include translating PP articles on my own).

It would be quite easy to measure my work, I could provide addresses, which added liquidity to PowerPool and the amount of investments.

that’s what we are doing here. Messege me in twitter please, if you have an account

Hi, did you mean me to message you? If so, I could not message you for some reason, did you restrict DM on Twitter?

should be fine now, sorry