Ru-community unofficial leader proposal

1. Abstract:

I want to share a list of everything I am doing for PowerPool to give a start for contributors to get rewarded; and I want to show community members that if you are a true supporter - then you can find a way to contribute and be rewarded for that.

2. Motivation (why PowerPool community needs this service/work):

As I mentioned in my research (Crypto adoption + English proficiency statistics) countries of the former cis are the countries with highest level of crypto adoption and very low level of knowledge of English language, so I focus on Ru-speaking community to attract everyone I can in PowerPool.

3.Roadmap/Timeline/KPIs/what will be delivered/were delivered:

  1. The one and only alive CM in ;
  2. Created text for CryptoLamer`s video about PowerPool: ;
  3. Created text for another CryptoLamer`s video about PowerPool indexes: ;
  4. Organized and took part in live AMA with Incrypted, Sergey Gurkin and Vasiliy Sumanov - Made a short summary into Russian and posted it here: . Also launched a competition for 6 best questions about PowerPool with $600 prize fund ($100 for each of 6 best questions);
  5. Blogging about PowerPool here

4. Compensation (how many CVP/vesting rules):

I propose 10 weeks vesting for all the rewards. Below you may see my proposal about rewards for what already done:

CM in Tg - 1 CVP per participant in a month, in January we had 118 subs, now its 137, so its 118 + 137 = 255 CVP

Text for CryptoLamers` videos: - 0,1 CVP per viewer, so its 516 CVP for: - 2716 views, so its 271 CVP; - 2442 views for now, so its 244 CVP.

Incrypted AMA organization and participation - 0,2 СVP per viewer, 1495 viewer, so its 298 VP + $500 or 250 CVP that was sent to competition winners 02.02.2021.
@vasilysumanov also 0,2 CVP per viewer as main participants, so its 298 for him as @Sergey decided to keep his rewards in fund)

Tx iDs:

0x3103f212dcb51f38bc63a13859e613a6c9853e91 - Binance address, internal transfer from Binance to Binance, tbh, dunno how to find TX hash. Can provide proof if needed

1 winner didn’t take his reward.

Incrypted AMA summary and translation into English - 0,03 CVP per word in original text, its 1655 words, so its 50 CVP (Russian -

Blogging about PowerPool - 277 unique readers of PowerPool topic on cp0x per January, 0,3 CVP per unique reader, so its 83 CVP.

Total: 255+516+298+250 for competition winners+50+83 +298 (for @vasilysumanov) = 1750 CVP (298 of them for @vasilysumanov and 1452 for Getmegone)

5. Background/relevant info about service provider/testimonials/previous experience:

Translating articles from PowerPool Medium into Russian since October 2020 (40+ articles already translated, about 700 views per month usually), early LP, part of research team, unofficial Revisor Translation Officer, business-developer at regular work).


Congrats with the first Ecosystem Fund proposal. Great work as usual. Full support mate! Good to have you on board.


Support not only my own content, but brilliant @Getmegone work!!!


@Getmegone is one of the oldest and trusted community members, professionally translated a lot of articles (numbers are crazy!), contributed to PowerPool brand awareness at forum, telegram channels, and even by organizing an AMA in which I also participated.

So, I think it is a great offer to the CVP community and we should support it. No doubts, my vote is yours!


Great that you finally came up with it! We value your work a lot and support your proposal as well.


Thank you all guys, your words mean a lot to me)

1 Like - 2nd Video that can’t be made without your help! We’ll see the activity in a week. But I’m sure you should resubmit your proposal!


FOR, and please take my part of rewards mate:)


thanks, mate) Definitely will do)

thanks, but I cant do that) lets keep it in fund then)

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FOR this, well deserved.