Proposal 38: Extend the YLA CVP Boost


Extend the CVP boost program for YLA for one more month (June 27th to Juli 27th)


I want to make a proposal to extend the YLA boost with another month, especially with the upcoming pool allocation changes


I think this pool allocation change will bring back the good rates we were used to when YLA launched, and the boost function might be a good incentive for new users to finally take the leap and “Ape in” to the YLA pool.


Extend the CVP boost program for one more month as described in proposal 36. Maybe also implement the linearly decreasing rewards, this will need a second voting round that I will create after this one has finished.

Voting can be done here:

Vote on Proposal 38 - CVP boost extension for 1 month for the YLA pool Voting screen contains a typo that is unchangeble, but please know this voting is for PROPOSAL 38, NOT 37

Great idea! I and @apples from discord plan to make a comprehensive proposal regarding the future CVP LM program soon. YLA CVP Boost will be a part of it

This proposal has been incorporated by reference into upcoming Proposal 46 covering CVP rewards n existing pools like YLA…[corrected]

I think it will be 46 proposal since I am posting 45-th now