Proposal 36: Extend the CVP Boost for YLA


Extend the CVP Boost for YLA for another month. (May 27th to June 27th)


The CVP boost program for YLA has been popular, and I would like to see if the community would be interested in extending the program with no additional changes for another month from May 27th until June 27th.


It appears the CVP boost program for YLA has increased TVL and would continue to incentivize an increase TVL for YLA and Power Index, as more and more people find out about YLA and the boost program. Also, the completion of the creativity contest is soon and should hopefully help with marketing for YLA and Power Index, and the vaults being utilized are being migrated to V2 on Yearn, which also makes the YLA index more attractive.


Extend the CVP boost program for one more month as describes in proposal 31 from May 27th to June 27th with no additional changes.


I’m in favor of this proposal.
Due to the CVP price decline, hopefully, motivated by audit delays in the PowerPool ecosystem causing lack of product evolution, a lot of people in the pool are currently looking at negative APY’s, giving them a chance to recover is essential.

Agree with this proposal, YLA index is one of the most intresting due to lack of IL. Increase rewarding by CVP Boost will increaase TVL as on stablecoin market the interest is going down (generally when market is down) it could be appeal also for new users

I don’t have a strong opinion on CVP inflation in the regards to YLA, but keeping in mind that it’s just 150k CVP a month, I think it’s a great idea to extend it.

Moreover, we are in a very stressful times so many people will look for a safe heaven, and boost program could be a deal-breaker for them.

I agree extending makes sense. It gives people something to do while they await xCVP to be ready for the big time, moreover, it is good marketing for the platform at a time when YLA looks like an attractive product, as bscgemhunter.

What might people think about the idea of extending through summer at a lower rate and tapering down, say reducing 1/10 each weekend for July and August ? The sudden stop aspect of these things can be disruptive, both because so many people leave on the same day if it goes from a lot to zero in one step. If it’s tapered, some people may delay moving it to a higher yielding thing while they still research other ideas, or because they had something in mind for the money that won’t start for a few weeks anyways so why bother doing two moves and two gasses, or maybe it’s still quite good enough compared to what they were comfortable with elsewhere - this way the TVL won’t suddenly halve overnight but could stay more stable.


I like the idea of linearly decreasing rewards.

I agree I like the idea of linearly decreasing rewards as well to help combat over inflation.

What do we need to do to vote on this?

we need somebody with 10k CVP to launch a proposal. That’s it

I am very much in favor of this proposal as well: extending the CVP boost period (May 27th to June 27th)

As mentioned above, it may just be the bit that pushes the scales in favor of depositing, when a prospect investor is weighing his decision. Also, I believe it a healthy incentive to retail buy CVP and hold it longterm.

Powerpool still has huge potential to make itself more visible to its target market.

The proposal is live :point_down:

Rewards are extended till the voting deadline