Powerpool NFT Index powered by dAMM

Good question. I would say no because the drastic shift was caused by the delta between the weights of the AMM vs dAMM index.

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okay sweet.

do we just vote on including the alternatives? how do we figure that out? im for all of them listed.

Yes, I’ll propose additional alternatives to this index that we can then vote on.

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awesome. im also of the opinion that a lot of end users are also looking for the high diversity factor especially with new asset classes, for risk management as well as profit potential. is the plan to have this be the starting list and have an easy onboarding process for new projects?

cant wait to hear other’s opinions and questions.

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yes, you’ll see this with YETI too as we add new tokens in the Yearn ecosystem to the index.

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Nice proposal :slightly_smiling_face:.

Correct me of I am wrong but I assume there will be a mining program?

Like I suggested in the YLA Boost proposal Add CVP Boost to YLA I think that with yla boost coming and nft coming the 150k cvp set aside for boost should be split between the two. So I suggest a 75k cvp mining program for nft index for one month.


Yes, we’ll need to discuss the CVP boost and if any of the included projects want to provide a boost as well.

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That would be awesome if any of the NFT projects help subsidize this index.

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The value for them is added exposure and more importantly that a percentage of their token supply will be locked up.

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will xCVP be live before this goes live?

Lets go with this. Like the idea of 75k for yla and this nft index for the first month for those who boost. None for the non boosters


Bootstrapping DAMMs is not an easy task. I think we will get $1m TVL first and only after that weights changing will be activated.

I think that Portion ($PRT) and Terra Virtua Kollect ($TVK) should be included. Although their mcap is lower than the suggested projects, Those 2 are very impressive with their progression in the last couple of months:

And please go with the bigger index, we should attract as many NFT projects as possible and in addition i think Aavegotchi and Axie are a must have. :slight_smile:


Updates on where we are at for this index?

Has the cvp mining details been finalized, are the underlying tokens finalized?

I’ll be releasing an update on Monday with new additions

Thank you. In addition to the new tokens the update will include the cvp mining program details?

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No, we will reach out to each team in the composition and ask whether or not they want to provide a boost. Depending on their answers then we may shift the composition. I would like to stop relying on CVP mining as much and allow the individual teams to contribute. If the index is really popular then it’s definitely a smart idea to provide a boost.


Sure I understand. And if the index gets the financial support from its underlying project, cvp boost may not be needed.

i appreciate the clarification :slight_smile: