Governance: Nomination for PowerPool Politician (Sergey Gurkin)

Hello PP team and community members,

Following another great candidate, @DeFi, and ahead of the big game starts I would nominate myself for PP Politician role.

I believe Power Pool is close to the “product-market fit”.
There is a tremendous amount of work to be done by the team and all the stakeholders: for the next 3-6 months, we will continue building the fundament for the most innovative product which will integrate the whole DeFi sector, while being the gateway for the current and new investors.

I am the right person to get these things done: have a strategic vision based on a vast cross-sectoral experience and have been supporting the PP ecosystem as early LP since the start.

I. Vision - why I believe in Power Pool
Despite PP has significantly changed and become much more complex over the course of the last couple of months, the most exciting things have not yet even started. Below, some of the key points, we should consider when thinking about the PP future

  1. The competition is already tough and will only intensify
  • ETF-like products will be growing triple-digits
  • Some of the DeFi competitors have already launched their indexes, but I believe we have a bunch of advantages with PP’s value proposition and tech stack
  • CeFi competitors are also here and we have to fight with them for the investors’ funds, but this is our responsibility to outcompete CeFi products
  1. Governance games are coming:
  • DeFi governance is the next big thing. After the craze calms down, investors will pay more attention on what to do with both - minority and majority GTs holdings.
    For the leading and most reliable DeFi projects, governance will be as important as innovations

  • Fair launch era is here, these projects will need governance, not anarchy

  • The governance will rather move towards the “middle way” between crypto-anarchy (anarchy is nice, but never worked in the real-life) and classic corp governance, which is corrupted, but its instruments are battle-tested in centuries

  1. Liquidity wars will shape the market
  • The key goal is not to have the largest TVL, but to retain the liquidity in the Project’s ecosystem

II. My profile - why vote for me

  1. I invested a significant % of own funds and have been an LP from the beginning and kept increasing my CVP / PIPT holdings

  2. Have already provided a significant input

  • Created three proposals out of seven on the gov forum
  • Helped the community to clearly see the scale of issue with the old tokenomics and make an educated decision on new tokenomics:
    a. Aggregated the data on the old token distribution schedule and put it in charts available for the community
    b. Built a scenario analysis and charts on top of Delphi’s model
  • Tested and provided first feedback on Baby Index
  • 101 posts published on the gov forum
  1. Unique mix of experience in classic investments (financials, project management, corp governance) and VC/blockchain (investments, LM, product management biz/cust dev)
  • Spent about 8 yrs in investment banks and PE funds covering financial institutions, tech companies and taking c-level roles in portfolio companies
  • Was involved in strategy and ecosystem management using all the consulting tools in practice
  1. All of the current investment activities and jobs I am involved with help having a comprehensive view on the DefI space overall
  • To outperform the market we need constantly track what is happening around

Let’s have active, fair, and transparent elections!
Happy to answer any questions and take part in debates with other candidates


Great, happy to have you on our CVP community :smile:

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Here to support you, compatriot (with strong Russian accent)


spasibo frend, zis iz good

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For this. Nothing to add. I hope to be working with you!


Definitely for. Obviously good.

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All my locked VP for U, mate! You did a great Job for PP.

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Will be supporting you man! Did great work so far.

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Met at a conference before. Had clear reasons and passion for the industry!

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Thanks and good luck with your nomination!

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Much appreciated sir!

Hey! Nice to know you are a tester, mate!