Governance: Nomination for PowerPool Politician (Zero)

Hello guys.
Following beautiful intros by @DeFi and @Sergey, want to hop in political race.

Why PowerPool

  1. Community. I belive that strong project equals strong community (YFI case as the brightest example). Strong community equals people who want to invest their resourses (not only money, but knowledge) in the project. After several months of pre-mainnet version we can see some “PowerPool OGs” actively contributing to the project.

  2. User Experience. Want mass adoption? Make great userexperience. Despite big changes in crypto over the past 2 years, it’s still hardly understandable for common people. Things like PowerIndex make life easier = more people can be attracted to crypto.
    ETF-like products are still rather new for crypto, but have big potential (hey, S&P and Dow Jones are 2 of key indicators of whole world market).
    Common user wants to click couple buttons and be happy, not read 1000 lines of code to understand how to deposit. And PP can solve (or try at least) this problem.

  3. Innovations or “do or die”. Like every innovation PP can rise and shine or die in the deepest grave. But at the moment it’s mostly at our early hands. It’s very exiting.
    Personally I was surprised in a good way when PP team announced Oracul. I still believe there are very few oraculs in defi and we need more to create healthy competitive environment. Competetion often encourages improvements in quality.

Who am I and why me

  1. Beta-tester. I was there since the beginning. Yep, we have some problems with distribution (you can check here that i was for vestings before Delphi’s prop) and maybe with transparance, but here I am. You can always DM me and ask any questions you have.

  2. Head of a large Russian private group “Zero Yakuza”. It’s a private group where I personally interview each member to make sure that only the worthy ones join our community. We are professional traders, node operators, investors and researchers. The big idea of my community is in accumulating skills and support: with community of right people you can do more than you can do by yourself. Zero Yakuza is about 3 years old and has 100 members. For example, our members actively particapate in Keep development: github commits, design, moderation and even community entertainment.
    Everything mentioned above leads to 2 points:

  • I possess some knowledge about community management. ~3 years, 2 or 3 cryptowinters and we are still here.
  • If needed, our community can and will help in PowerPool development. We are already LPing and will go harder.
  1. Skin in the game. Quite boring, but necessary reason for particapation. Since we locked testers funds in order to participate in governence, I have been buying CVP in deeps and highs (first buy at 3.4 when Deplhi’s prop came out, last at 1.5 and still buying) and LPing. Also actively reporting bugs, testing new features etc.

  2. 3 years of full-time crypto. From ICOs and private researches (you can find some of them in my tg-channel in Russian) to node operation and trading. I did basically everything in crypto and will do more. It’s not entirely about money, but also about fun and entertainment. And crypto gives it all.

To sum up, I dont want to compete with @Sergey, @DeFi and other politicians. I want to add my experience to theirs and make PowerPool strong and powerful with all our might.

Feel free to discuss and ask questoins.

As maesrto once said:


I support this nominee. I know @Zero for a while as supporter of various crypto projects. I believe he will be a good politician for protocol


Agree! And i know him as a very good leader too!


I know @Zero manager skillz. They will be useful for the project. I’ll support him.


Been with this guy in the same boat for 3+ years. Mad man in terms of workload he’s willing to take on.
This is a great candidate and I am proud to be friends with him


I’m supporting @Zero, as he has the best leadership qualities I have known in crypto, also managed to create great crypto community


Zero Yakuza - unique Russian private cryptocommunity.
@Zero is a Powerful leader for Powerpool!

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Hope to see your great support to PowerPool

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I know @Zero. He is a great leader and i think he will be a good PowerPool Politician!

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Supporting Zero
One of the most active and smart man in RU crypto space


@Zero Is smart, intelligent and experienced leader. From him, you can always expect arguments, interest and politeness in all discussions, hot or calm. Zero easily finds the main/key points, finds and suggests the solution.

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It’s weird that all comments are from new members posting for the first time.

Can see why and agree with that. A little bit suspicious.

But in fact this is my comrades from Zero Yakuza.
I can prove it if you want: every single new member. :smiley:

What’s Zero Yakuza? Is that a private group?

Yep. Private group of Russian hackers as they say. :joy:

I support Zero as multi-tasking and proactive leader with extensive experience and respect in the Russian-speaking crypto community

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Zero is a monster! I’m talking about managerial qualities now! But with the brains there is complete order! The best choice!

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I know Zero as an excellent organizer, if he takes on a project, he will give his best.

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Obviously “for”. Zero is a great manager, so I think we need a guy like him as a politician