YLA APY Displayed

When I click on pools, I am seeing the YLA Pool has an APY of 120%. Is this accurate? I feel like it was just a token that takes a weighted average of V1 vaults? If so no v1 vault is above 100% and certainly not the weighted average. What am I missing?

The 120% apy is coming from the CVP boost. You get rewarded in cvp tokens if you deposit them into the cvp boost.

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Yes, 120% APY comes from the liquidity mining program.
YLA itself generates income based on income of Yearn v1 Vaults, something like 20-30% APY

Perhaps I can piggy-back on this thread. The CVP yield I am getting from my deposited YLA-USDC SLP + CVP boost is lower than the stated APY. I deposited x hours ago, and my CVP earned averages to ~66% APY, which is less than the stated 89.59% APY.

If you are in this pool, please run the numbers on your CVP returns and comment if they are matching what shows on the Farm/Deposit page. I assume I am not the only one with the issue. I understand that CVP earned will lower as TVL increases, but my average returns should still be higher than the current APY stated, not lower.

One thing I noticed is that the deposit calculator displays the same APY whether depositing min or max CVP boost amount. Is this correct? I thought the APY was on a sliding formula based on amount of CVP boost deposited.

hey, did you deposit at maximum boost level?

The APY is stated for max boost only. You can see rewards in dollars dynamically change depending on your CVP stake.

I did not deposit at maximum boost level. The rewards in dollars are also incorrect. They follow the static max APY. Here are some sample numbers from the deposit page:

With min CVP boost:

With max CVP boost:

As I can see reward in dollars is changing dynamically when you change numbers, while APY stays the same.

Why the reward in dollars is incorrect?

The actual amount of CVP I receive once I deposit is less than that stated amount.

can you please reach out to me on Discord? https://discord.gg/SfcHc6v