Too early to discuss a new product?

PIPT is great and there’s a lot to be said about the design around the 8 blue chips, but is it too early to consider a new Power Pool for a riskier tranche? I noticed in the UI that there’s components for multiple Pools. How easy is it to make Power Pool 2 with some riskier tokens, and maybe BTC and ETH to help diversify the pool?

With the recent discussion of Sushi and Yearn, I think Sushi might be a fair game. Some other tokens that come to mind are Curve, Balancer, Augur. It seems like prices of these riskier DeFi assets are anti-correlated with Bitcoin and Ether, so maybe including those in the pot as well would be helpful.

Any thoughts on this?

Understand your reasoning, but I believe we should focus on indexes and consider PIPT (or CVP) / X asset types of pools as only the mean to get liquidity into the indexes.

Thus imo it is reasonable only to consider CVP/ETH, PIPT/USDC, PIPT/ETH pools and pay rewards to LP of this pools coz they help to bring more funds into the indexes

Please see here in @Alan’s proposal