Timeline for tester tokens

Hey there,

Just wanted to check with management and team about the tester tokens. Are they still going to be vested and handed over to individuals or will there be more delays?

  • what is the timeline like for tester tokens to be accessible?
  • what is the role the management board has currently in regards to testers?
  • which is the best place to interact with other testers?
  • what are the expectations from testers going forward?

Note - I repeatedly use the word tester because the expectation at the time of being a tester, as the word says - was to test. It would be good to have an open discussion on how they can contribute going forwards.

Thanks in advance.

Certainly there is no progress towards tester tokens after all. You said that you can make a new system in about two weeks.

Hello @boop :+1:t2:
Thanks for reaching out, the contract is ready and will be deployed after the external audit results.

Management Board is undergoing some internal changes and we are yet to figure out the best way to work with testers to make PowerPool stronger, I’m open to any suggestions. Expectations going forwards are going to be shared privately I think.

Testers have access to the private board on this forum to talk to each other

Can you link to it here so others can access it.
I for instance don’t have access to it I believe.

Thanks in advance.