Testnet general information and instructions

Hello, dear testers!

PowerPool launches the Sepolia stage of the PowerAgent v2 testnet today, and all you need to know is here!

To avoid complexity, we collected all critical information in one place.

1. Testers admission: rules & batches

From over 200 applications we selected first ten testers (the nodes launched by team members are not counted).

We will send tCVP (Sepolia-native test CVP tokens) and Sepolia ETH to testers’ wallets and they can start launching PowerAgent nodes and connecting them to the network.

In the next few days we will announce the next 10 participants, and so on. In total, we aim (but not limited to) to invite 100 node runners. If you are not selected now, please, check twitter for future announcements.

2. Where to share experience and get support from the team?

  1. Join the Discord group for testnet participants, where you can get help installing and configuring your keeper node.
  2. Join the Telegram group.

3. Instructions for launching a node and participating in the testnet

  1. Create 2 addresses on the Sepolia blockchain (Admin and Worker ones)
  2. Provide your Admin address in the “tCVP tokens” topic in the Telegram group. We will transfer tCVP and Sepolia ETH tokens to this address.
  3. Follow the steps in the installation guide to install and configure your node.
  4. Report your node launch results in Discord or Telegram and additionally on the forum
  5. Congratulations! You have finished the installation process and are officially a part of the PowerAgent testnet!

Feel free to share your installation experience, ask questions, and provide feedback in the Telegram PowerAgent testnet chat and the Discord channel.

Any questions? Ask below in the topic!

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