Slovak/Czech Community Builder and Investment Attractor


This proposal aims to incentive and support my activities as the community builder and investment attractor for Slovak/Czech speaking community. The main goal is to spread a word about financial opportunities provided by PowerPool in native language and in ways easily understandable for common Slovak and Czech people. I believe that these activities (when properly done) can help increasing PowerPool users base and TVL as well.


Since very first days when I got familiar with PowerPool and the financial possibilities it can provide even for common investors and was welcomed by the GREAT community emerging with it, I said to myself: WOW! I would love to be the active and influential element of the project in order to help others recognize and use benefits that DeFi segment has to offer to all people – and that is financial freedom. I experienced it myself… as a LP provider I stopped worrying about what should I do for living because I got plenty from my PowerPool investments and that prepared me to do what I would really love to do. And I want others to experience the same feeling of freedom and true self-expression.

So I started thinking how can I achieve the goal. And the key is information that other can easily access and understand . And since Facebook is still the biggest and most influential social media, I started a FB group dedicated to PowerPool for Slovaks and Czech speaking audience on 4 January 2021 - – and now two months later I got there 177 members and new people are coming almost every day.

Now when I got the place for the people I also need to get the information to them, so I started to fill it with all available news mostly by translating PowerPool articles and providing advice , recommendations , know-hows and walkthroughs for common people showing them how to get involved, make investment, take part in voting and save as much as they can on gas fees.


My roles and activities that I do now and will keep doing for at least 12 months include:

A) COMMUNITY BUILDER: setting up and nourishing the Facebook based community of Slovak/Czech speaking people and taking part in exchange of information about PowerPool activities including what is subjects of discussion on gov.forums (I am the sole moderator of the group)

B) TRANSLATOR: translating Medium articles from PowerPool team** from English to Slovak (my language is not covered by translator proposal so I am not eligible for rewards there)

C) INVESTMENT ATTRACTOR: organizing series of online crypto-workshops focused on bringing new people to crypto by explaining them what blockchain is, how to use it, how to bridge the cashflows from traditional finance to crypto and back and mostly what is and how to use PowerPool dapp for investments and taking part in decision-making processes (so far four out of six workshops were done and the last two (dedicated solely to PowerPool understanding) will take part on 2 March 2021. I can share videos, if anyone would be interested or just would like to check


I would love to be rewarded with 12 000 CVP for 12 months of continuous work as described in the Roadmap section with 12 months vesting period starting from the day of the proposal approval (this should vest exactly 1000 CVP per month). Please note that the two months of work already done is not included in the requested rewards.

Anyone from the community can check anytime on how I am doing in the FB group and if the expectations are not met, he/she can bring this as an issue in to seek explanation or improvement.


Many of you already know me from Discord or gov.forums where I use pseudonym Glow. I always try to be constructive and search for the best ways that can help PowerPool become successful product in very competitive environment. I am focused on details and always looking to make things work flawlessly, which is super important when dealing with DeFi protocols. I was one of those people repeatedly bringing the devs attention to the vesting bug in the protocol as well as other functions that do not work as they should (such as votes delegation dysfunctionalities – not fixed yet since we moved to shapshot).

As far as I know I helped at least 10 people to invest in PowerPool indices and more investments will come from my cryptoworkshops since PowerPool is the ONLY DeFi project that I recommend to my audience. My wife is also very popular influencer in Slovakia and Czech Republic (population of these 2 European countries counts for 15 million) with really MANY followers and every time she speaks about financial issues she directs many people to my crypto education and hence to PowerPool.

I am the official and court acknowledged translator from/to Slovak-English language, so my translation should be of pretty high quality.

And I would also love to reinvest the most of my rewards back to PowerPool so the community does not have to worry about the CVP price dumping :slight_smile:

I would be thankful for any of your support and I hope this proposal can also serve as inspiration for you to get actively involved in making PowerPool great!