Single Asset Supply into YLA Pool

Question I have been trying to find that I cant find is, if I deposit a single asset into the YLA pool, when I withdraw do I get my exact single asset back or will it be split out into the percentages of the tokens in the pool?

Or to ask it a better way is there a chance of impermanent loss?

Nice to meet you. You have different options to redeem your YLA

  1. ZAP - you get USDC

  2. Single Asset - you get one of the 5 composing tokens

  3. Multi Asset - you get a basket of tokens according to the weights inside the pool.

Thank you for the reply, I saw that functionality. My bigger question is if I deposit 10,000 yvcurve-GUSD what is the risk in getting 10,000 yvcurve-GUSD back. I assume there is a conversion risk, but is that risk based off market or a fixed price. I just dont want to give up a higher yielding vault for lower ones when I withdraw.

Theoretically, there is a chance of withdrawing less yvcurve-GUSD then you originally deposited, if the price of yvcurve-GUSD token went up relatively to other tokens. However, since their price is very stable, it’s not a big chance/change