Proposal: Market-Maker change of terms


A heated discussion was started yesterday on the PowerPool discord server. A user called smph found a very important term in the Falcon X proposal:

The loan will be returned in 1 year, in March 2022 in CVP tokens or in DAI/USDT/USDC equivalent based on the price at the moment of transferring 2m CVP to FalconX.


As @vasilysumanov commented on Discord, the payment hasn’t been made yet. I believe we need to change the contract.

At the same time, @Sergey raised a valid point that FalconX is more known as a great OTC broker, but not Market-Maker, so maybe we need to consider changing the MM altogether.

I support this proposal, but, are there any other candidates for MM?

I support this move, we definitely need to either change terms or change the MM. Plz share MMs you know who can be a good candidate for PowerPool.

Here is a new proposal from Wintermute. Terms are much more attractive than FalconX offered:

we need to issue a proposal to cancel the FalconX partnership if Wintermute’s proposal is accepted. Not only the terms are better, but the MM itself is better

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See here: Proposal 26: Invalidate outcome of "FALCONX MARKET-MAKING PROPOSAL v2" proposal

Thanks man, shared my thoughts in your thread.