Proposal 26: Invalidate outcome of "FALCONX MARKET-MAKING PROPOSAL v2" proposal


  • It has come to light that the previously agreed terms for market making with FalconX are unfavourable
  • Discussions / negotiations are underway investigating how we want to go about market making moving forward
  • This proposal is a simple one invalidating the results of the FalconX market making v2 proposal, to un-muddy the waters and give us time to discuss properly
  • Following this there will be another proposal with an improved market making deal, which may be with Wintermute, FalconX, or indeed another market maker


It has come to light that the previously agreed terms for market making with FalconX are unfavourable:

The management board are renegotiating with FalconX:

Meanwhile Wintermute have submitted a market making proposal with more favourable terms:

And the management board are looking into other market making options:

I propose to invalidate the outcome of the previous market making proposals


Option 1: Invalidate results of FalconX proposal
Option 2: Proceed with FalconX with the existing terms

Option 1 outcome

Invalidate the results of the “FALCONX MARKET-MAKING PROPOSAL v2”

After this proposal passes Powerpool will have no obligations to any market maker.

A subsequent proposal will create a new agreement with the market maker we decide to proceed with, if any. This may be Wintermute or could be another FalconX proposal, or indeed a different market maker entirely.

Option 2 outcome

We proceed with FalconX with the previously agreed (now believe to be unfavourable) terms, no other market makers are involved.

I think splitting the market making discussions into two proposals makes sense, as opposed to rolling this clause into (say) the Wintermute proposal, because there may be CVP holders who would like to invalidate the previous agreement without necessarily accepting a new agreement.

Rolling it into the wintermute proposal is messy because if the community votes against the wintermute one then we haven’t managed to invalidate the falconx one.

I like what @DrGonzo said on discord. If it takes too long for @wishful_cynic to run his proposal on snapshot, then we need to launch FalconX cancel proposal.

Makes sense to me. This proposal is oven ready so good to go if there is a delay with the wintermute proposal for whatever reason.

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