Proposal Discussion: DORA the oracle explorer


To create a new index, DORA, offering exposure to oracle technologies. The Tokens included in this index are primarily used for governance. Pooling the tokens can allow voting power to be pooled and used in a constructive way for the protocols and avoid voter apathy while also giving exposure to a range oracle solutions in the space.

To discuss:

CVP rewards.

Tokens/weighting. Coingecko has a good list of current oracle solutions (see below) with a mixture of both utility and governance tokens. I would think the governance tokens (eg, API3, DIA, ZORA etc) would benefit most from pooling. Best weighting to be discussed striking a balance between project size/volatility/utility.

List of oracles:

LOGO proposal:

I like this one, especially as the index can use assets in a productive way and generate cashflow for its token holders. But, weights should be backed by simple calculations and rationale. @Sergey could you please share your Minimal Viable Index proposal framework here?:slight_smile:

aahha sure sure, I think we can select up to 7 tokens in this list. maybe even chainlink

@Anthena Could you please elaborate on the fundamental basis behind each token (like why DIA fits the index: “its business model XXX”, it has a token with clear governance functional")

I ll elaborate on the metrics and possible weights

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I’m here to support the proposal but We should include top notch player in the index, in likes of Band Protocol, Chainlink. Looking forward to see the updates in the proposal with the rational and weights