Proposal 52 : Increase PowerPools Marketing Efforts

I propose:

  1. Officially recognize me as a contributor to PowerPool DAO professionally handling the areas of writing, content strategy, social media management, and marketing.

  2. Compensate my work on a monthly basis with 3k USDC and $2k USD equivalent in CVP for work done from previously approved [1] [2] DAO budget.


Today there is no specific person or company in charge of PowerPool marketing and brand awareness.

PowerPool is a strong product with many exciting updates and tech innovations that will be delivered in the near and far future. Marketing these products is a complex task that should be handled by a person deeply involved in the project. PowerPool can experience significant growth but it needs much more brand awareness and presence on Crypto Twitter and other media.

PowerPool can accomplish this if it had:

  1. More easy-to-understand written content
  2. A stronger social media presence
  3. A marketing strategy that increases the overall awareness of its products that grows its user base as well as its media presence.


I am looking to provide the following services to PowerPool:

Content Creation

  • I will write articles for the PowerPool blog bi-weekly (2 articles per month)

  • I will help PowerPools PR team create press releases so that the messaging in the PR is aligned with PowerPool’s goals and narratives. (I will create press releases whenever significant events happen within PowerPool that need to be shared with outside media.)

  • If new writers or contributors are brought in, I will act as managing editor to the writers, editing their work and giving them suggested topics so that they can create articles for PowerPool.

  • I will create and maintain a content schedule (publication plan) so that the PowerPool team is aligned on media efforts.

  • I will create a PowerPool newsletter that comes out once per month and covers the current events within PowerPool and the blockchain/cryptocurrency ecosystem while driving traffic to PowerPool.

  • I will incubate brand awareness by exploring media options such as promoting the team via podcasts, securing quotes from the PowerPool team in media, and more, if and when these opportunities are available or present themselves– I cannot set KPIs for this deliverable.


-I will create a content strategy that will help position PowerPool as one of the best DeFi products; part of this strategy includes amplifying PowerPool’s public team as subject matter experts in the media.

-I will help PowerPool create and execute a growth strategy to attract new users to the platform; this strategy will also incentivize existing users to become more active in the community.

Social Media

  • I will help PowerPool create social media posts on Twitter to help them stay active in the Crypto-Twitter world (at least one post on social media per day).

KPIs (deliverables)

Two blog posts per month

At least one tweet per day

one PowerPool newsletter per month

Create the content calendar each month and supervise its execution

Manage the PR team and other marketing contributors


I have been working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry since 2013 and have held roles ranging from writer, editor, head of content, strategy consultant, multimedia producer, and project manager.

I have worked with some of the biggest publications in the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry such as Cointelegraph and have my own consulting practice that has assisted some of the largest names in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

I am well known in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries and there is a strong possibility that I have worked with some of you before, but I would prefer to stay anonymous and let my work speak for itself.


I would like to join PowerPool as a contributor that provides services related to content creation, content and media strategy, marketing, and social media management. In return for the time and energy I put into providing these services, I am requesting compensation of $3,000 (stablecoin) +2,000 USD equivalent of CVP per month for my work.


Definitely support this proposal! I have experience working with this guy and it was very positive. I think that it’s very good man for this job


I support this proposal too! We need strong marketing!!! And if Vasily knows this guy and worked with him, then the cooperation is worth it!

I absolutely agree with him strategy!

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Sounds like a great strategy, I think increasing the quantity and consistency of content would help this project gain some more traction and the partly CVP-based salary demonstrates buy-in

Full support! PowerPool is a very strong technical project, lacking explanations in easy terms and marketing exposure.

Regular content marketing is a must for such project, and I believe such hire is a great option.

One thing I’d love to see in the proposal tho, is you portfolio or track-record.


Hey guys, I’m new to the forum, but long-time discord member.
The proposal seems to be legit, and moreover, PowerPool need this kinda content and services.

My humble support to you

I guess the only challenge here is the fact that we need to see your crypto rusume and track of work you’ve done in the past for this sensitive task.

This might be what CVP needs atm, but hey man, you have got no proof of work to your claims. In as much as we desire great strategy like this, it will be terrible to go with just words

It’s a good idea, can we get the breakdown of this proposal. What is the depth in numbers? What is the reach? How effective it is to what we have on ground?

This is a good proposal. However, it will be nice if you can showcase some of your portfolios.

I have had a look at published articles (two periodicals), Twitter posts and YouTube interviews by/featuring the proposer/candidate. He is American with a good degree in Financial Economics who has been following crypto for some time, early on engaging with the Bitcoin forks, but later looking at DeFi issues such as portfolio diversification, yield farming and other related issues from a retail/degen (rather than institutional/VC) perspective. I think he is qualified to increase PowerPool’s ‘share-of voice’ in retail channels and social media to better support an increasing number of up-coming new product launches which we will be developing as the new and evolving technical code bases and partnerships mature.

Given that PowerPool does not plan to enforce restrictive and discriminatory US laws regarding accepting investment by non-Accredited Investors, as a U.S. citizen, it is best for him (and me) to remain anon. I recommend we support the proposal.


Looks like a no-brainer proposal :slight_smile: