Proposal 42: New Investment Pools

Proposal 42: New Investment Pools

Following with Powerpool’s new vision, I have been researching on new pools that could be created and managed through Poker Agent.

18 ideas of pooled investment tokens covering key trends from the crypto space, with multiple compositions leveraging Balancer Pool Tokens (8,16,24).

“Index” Names: Crypto, DeFi, Smart Contracts, Data, Oracles, Exchanges (CEX/DEX), Borrow & Lend, NFTs & Gaming, Memes, Unpopular.

Top Asset Management Firms are operating the following ETFs on the US market.

Blackrock 392 ETF holding 2,3$ Trillion.

State Street 133 ETF holding 1$ Trillion.

Vanguard 82 ETF holding 1,85$ Trillion.

Invesco 233 ETF holding 355$ Billion.

And from all over categories like S&P, Dow, ARK Innovation, Emerging Markets, Nasdaq, Financial Services, Health, Tech, Bonds, Long/Short with leverage…

But I think the crypto space still needs some benchmark to compare with. As of today the only index that has managed to attract deep liquidity has been $DPI with +150M TVL. IMO, it is a good index. I’d do it different as you’ll see. But I think it also got so much support because of the name. We all go to the same place to see how DeFi is doing on Eth, so a logical step would be to create a token that tracks DeFi on Eth.

That’s why I think that the crypto space still has lots of gaps to cover. There is lack of Smart Contracts, Crypto, Exchanges, Data or lending investment pools to name a few… And the market cap and volume of those coins is considerable.
If it attracts sufficient attention & liquidity any pool can become the benchmark metric to compare those markets. Which I think will continue to grow as time passes. And that would enable further composability like Borrow & Lend, no slippage trading, insurance, strategies…

Indexes based on top emerging sectors of the Crypto world. Every Index is well diversified across top notch assets on their niches. Currently the crypto world lacks an ETF-like product that tracks the performance of the following sectors, and that would be a first-mover advantage.

Here you can see the full 18 indexes.

Crypto Ecosystem Index (8,16).

DeFi Index (8,16,24)

Smart Contracts Index (8,16,24)

Data Index (8,16)

Oracles Index

DEX’s Index (8,16)

CEX Index

Exchanges Index

Borrow & Lend Index.

NFT & Gaming Index.

Meme Index

Hate/Unpopular Index.

More tokens on the Indexes.

Leveraging Balancer’s 8 token pools we could create indexes composed of 8,16 and 24 assets that could be used for swaps too with constant rebalancing.

Further Composability for YLA.

It is the first yield generating Index, having exposure to high return Yearn Vaults, should be exploited.
New Indexes containing YLA: Bitcoin / YLA (50/50)
Ethereum / YLA (50/50)
Bitcoin / Ethereum / YLA (33/33/33)
DeFi (8) / YLA (50/50)
Smart Contracts / YLA (50/50)

It is indeed the New Vision as outlined in the Wiki for PowerPool to continuously launch new thematic pools, and to automate maximization of risk-adjusted yield on these pools. The Power Universe will ultimately consist of not only a ‘supermarket’ of pools, but also pools of pools and pools of pools of pools such that each investor can manage to suit themselves. Many of your suggestions for thematic pools are already outlined in the Product Development Pipeline on the Wiki. The SparkTeam responsible for evolving each of these products to the point where they can be considered by the DAO is SparkProd, which currently does not have enough team members to prioritize and further develop the many thematic pools already identified. May I suggest that you join SparkProd, access the Wiki, and add the suggestions that are not already being pursued?