Proposal 41: Extend YLA CVP Boo


Extend the CVP boost program for YLA through the end of 3Q21 with tapering down of rewards to avoid a hard landing and to allow the team to get the new products ready and available.


I want to make a proposal to extend the YLA boost but taper down the rewards rather than a sudden stop.


The pool allocation has been a success, and given the bear market in the rest of crypto, including the rest of DeFi, I think we can use this as a marketing tool to hook potential participants in PPDEFI, BSCDEFI, and ALTL1POOL. Come for the stables, stay for the growth potential and innovation in the new pools.

I also recognize the concern that many have had about CVP inflation and that we are paying out too many tokens too quickly. In that context, I propose a linear tapering of rewards, rather than a sudden stop, to keep some of the investors interested rather than leading to a mass exodus at once.


Extend the CVP boost program as follows, with no changes to eligibility ranges of CVP:YLA. Percentages below are expressed as a proportion of current levels as per Proposals 36, 38, and earlier.

100% of current levels from the end of current program until 23:59 UTC 15th Aug 2021 (3 weeks)
75% of current levels until 23:59 UTC 31st Aug 2021
50% of current levels until 23:59 UTC 15th Sept 2021
25% of current levels until 23:59 UTC 30th Sept 2021

Rewards to stop after that, at which point some of the new pools will be live and we can discuss a successor to YLA as part of the new vision or leave it as a standalone product, which is more efficient than using Yearn pools independently for most cases.

I think YLA boost needs to be extended, I’d argue to include some decreasing CVP inflation parts as well. Like ending CVP rewards for the ASSY pool

This proposal showed that the BSCDEFI will be delayed again?

No intention to imply that. I was meaning the 3 new products as a whole, and i understand ppdefi and altl1pool are still down the road as planned.

CVP was just added to the official BSC bridge, so BSCDEFI is going live soon :sunglasses:

the proposal is live

Vote here :point_down:

Proposal after a long absence. I voted. I’m looking forward to BSC.

This proposal has been incorporated by reference into upcoming Proposal 46 covering CVP rewards on existing pools…