Proposal 35 - Temporary delegation of AAVE meta-governance power

Support project in upcoming AAVE voting by delegation of AAVE governance power accumulated in PIPT and ASSY pools to 0xE353233f078D1f4b9f5e467Aa5b46f5f931E2A0c address.

Motivation is one of the key players on the Defi market. 1inch success is important for the operation of PowerPool pools. Besides that, 1inch continuously supported PowerPool in building products and integrations:
(1) PowerPool weights changing model was created with contribution from Anton Bukov, 1inch co-founder and now is a key element of Dynamic AMM model
(2) PowerPool pools were integrated into 1inch, which resulted in additional trading volume based on 1inch routing

Based on that I propose to support the 1INCH token in AAVE governance using PowerPool meta-governance power. For this purpose I propose temporary delegation of AAVE voting power from PIPT and ASSY to address controlled by 1INCH: 0xE353233f078D1f4b9f5e467Aa5b46f5f931E2A0c

After AAVE voting will be completed, delegation should be canceled in 24 hours.
If voting devoted to a listing of 1INCH on AAVE wouldn’t take place in the next 14 days, delegation should be canceled as well.

Delegate AAVE voting power from PIPT and ASSY to 0xE353233f078D1f4b9f5e467Aa5b46f5f931E2A0c

Launch of voting
I will launch this voting in the Snapshot system within 24 hours. We need to put it on voting fast.


Sounds good to me. What 1inch is trying to lobby?

Edit, got the answer on discord:

Vasily Sumanov — Today at 9:11 PM
for usage 1inch as a collateral

I support this proposal

Voting link:

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I don’t have an issue with this, but shouldn’t we have been pursuing this for ourselves? Is 1inch going to back our listing?

I guess we will see when we start listing xCVP and maybe YLA on lending protocols, but Anton Bukov tweeted about our voting, so I see it as a good starting ground.

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Great to see governance delegation in action. Supported.