Proposal: 33 Simple transfer between indexes

Proposal: 33 Simple transfer between indexes

Give users a super simple, one-click, inexpensive way to move money from PIPT -> YLA and YLA -> PIPT

Moving value around the PowerUniverse is a) complicated b) time-consuming c) expensive. There are many times when one wants to add risk (i.e. move funds to PIPT) or remove risk (sell PIPT and take proceeds and put them into YLA) - but the complexities and expense prevents the user from adjusting their allocations.

A single UI to move some value PIPT -> YLA would be terrific. It would do all the proper claiming, unstaking, converting, and depositing (and the inverse). Calculating the exact proportions of CVP and USDC to get optimum rewards.

For example: I have $1000 in PIPT and $1000 in YLA. I want to move $500 of PIPT to YLA. This UI would unstake the proper amount of PIPT, convert it to USDC, claim the proper amount of CVP, mint the YLA, stake it along with the proper ratio of CVP. And automagically I’d have $500 PIPT and $1500 YLA.

All in one fell swoop! Bam.

  • Obviously it should be abstracted so one can move:
    PIPT <=> ASSY
    ASSY <=> YETI
    YETI <=> PIPT
    ASSY <=> YLA
    YETI <=> some new index you create
    and every other combination

It would allow much more dynamic risk management.
These multi-step DeFi activities are tedious and error-prone - even for those of us who’ve been around the block.


It’s a great idea, but sounds like a very complicated (gas expensive) contract to me. A part of it can be done via sushiswap, simply exchanging PIPT <=> ASSY and so forth.