Proposal 32: 10x YLA-Boost in Order to 10x - Powerpool TVL


This one is easy math:

  • 10x the CVP-rewards for YLA - index in order to grow the TVL from 10 Million to 100 Million.

YLA is a very intelligent index - since its yield generating market-neutral.
We must use the power of this Index with proven market fit in order to raise Powerpools TVL and popularity to reach 100 Million TVL quick.

Starting from current planned end of YLA rewards (approx 4 weeks), the new rewards structure should be implemented.


while I really like the idea of extending YLA boost program and the goal - 100M TVL, I don’t think this reward boost is:

  1. Sustainable, meaning it can simply break CVP Tokenomics
  2. Will achieve the goal

So I’d suggest doing more complex modeling in order to find the perfect boost size