Proposal 26: Add 1INCH, BAL and BNT to the PIPT index

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I propose to add 1INCH, BAL and BNT tokens to the PIPT index.

1INCH is a major AMM swap aggregator and deserves a place in the PIPT index. They also operate their own exchange Mooniswap.

Balancer (BAL) is the a great platform that pioneered the AMM model without equal token weights of 50/50 and offered the single sided pool liquidity funding. Their current TVL is $2,087,905,740 USD.

Bancor (BNT) is a goliath in the DeFi space, and they pioneered many of the DeFi features that we now take for granted. Their current TVL is at $1,574,830,316 and their swaps volume is about 10% of UNI’s.

This inclusion would allow PIPT holders to also have exposure to the growth of 1INCH, BAL and BNT (Bancor) without having to hold them directly.

By adding 1INCH, BAL, BNT into the PIPT index would change the weights of all tokens to 9.0909%, helping with exposure to growth and with diversification.

Feedback and comments are welcome.

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Hello there.
Thank you for your prop.

Original PIPT composition - bluechips of DeFi world with governance power.
To define were used several metrics: TVL, Mcap, ADTV etc

Can you please provide numbers? Then we can compare them with base comp and define should we add it or not.

I like the idea of an index with 1inch and BNT. I have been thinking of “sector” indexes that go deeper into the various components of Defi.

Dexes: UNI, SUSHI, 1Inch, BNT, CRV…
Infrastructure: ETH, MATIC, DOT, LINK, SOL…
Derivatives: SNX, HEGIC, OPYN

Haven’t flushed this out. But would provide investors an opportunity to over-/under-weight certain sections. This may not be the Powerpool core missions (i.e, governanace), but would be an excellent addition and attract more “index” type investors; who are certain to come to Defi in the next 12-36 months.


I really like the DeFi sector indexes idea. Something we should strive for after the NFT index.

I like this idea a lot! Good collection of proposed tokens btw.