Problem on the view of the pools ---

I know that this is not the right place, but i’m not allowed to write in discord group…and there is no TG chat… so IN THE HARVEST POOL “Deposit Yeti and earn CVP” (that is the third choice) …it doesn’t work. I staked some Yeti and cannot see my staking.
First choice "deposit CVP-EHT UNI V2…is ok i chick and go in…and it is the only one that works, second : "deposit Yeti- Eth BTP and earn CVP and third pool “deposit Yeti” DOES’T WORK, after click nothing is dispayed on screen…
My email contact: [email protected]
Thanks for your help
Ps…tried to change browser ect ect…without results

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I’m having the same issue. Can’t access the view that allows us to stake single asset for
“Deposit PIPT and Earn CVP” It’s just a blank screen under the menu section…What’s a good ETA for this to be addressed since no one can remove liquidity until it’s fixed.

Do you have any other details like browser specifics, or any errors you see in the console?

I was having problems yesterday, but it seems to have sorted itself out on my end. Have you also tried just waiting up to a minute? I notice the app isn’t really built out well and it’s not very clear when it’s just taking a while to load data. It could be if you wait 20-30 seconds that it does appear.

the issue should be fixed by now.

Plz dm me in discord if it’s not