PowerPool Ambassador Program

Most major projects have a way for fans to become more deeply involved and to coordinate their efforts in spreading the word. A common complaint of PowerPool has been a lack of marketing, and while a DeFi project may not have the capital to spend on a traditional marketing campaign, what we can do is empower our community as much as possible.

To that end, I would like to propose the formation of a PowerPool ambassador program that will be funded from the CVP Community Fund.

How would they apply

People will apply to be PowerPool ambassadors through a Google Form. They will tell us about themselves, their background, interests in PowerPool, and how they would like to contribute to building a stronger community.


While the intention is not to pay ambassadors a salary, it’s common practise to offer a small amount of tokens along with other perks as a token of the project’s appreciation.

To begin with, I propose we pay a modest CVP amount per person that is to be determined based on their input. However, it should be no more than $500/month in CVP. We still want this to be a primarily volunteer effort from true fans of the project, and not a means of employment.

To supplement CVP payments we can offer other perks and bonuses for high performers, including:

  • Special access to the team to share their ideas and discuss the project
  • Exclusive PowerPool merchandise
  • Special ranks and recognition in the PowerPool discord

What would they do?

Ambassador programs are by definition broad. We should welcome people of all backgrounds. Common types of work are:

  • Content creation - writing articles, creating videos and graphics that explain PowerPool
  • Memes and sticker packs
  • Project evangelists

Ambassador organization

CVP will become a top 50 project and I expect the ambassador program to become quite large. I propose we establish a new, ambassador-only Discord to ensure the main Discord remains free from marketing spam.


I like this and am for it. I make videos on YT and would love this. so when do we vote lol

The marketing/awareness issue was raised in our community several times, I believe it’s essential for CVP to have a public Ambassador program. My full support.

The topic starter is - cryptohoogz, well known and vocal member of PowerPool Telegram Lounge. I know him outside of CVP as well and he proved himself as a reliable person. He is very well-connected in the crypto space as well. Thumbs up!

This sounds perfect. I would love to participate more (as I am sure will many others). I’ve been investing and trying to learn more and more over the past 3 months. I think the concept is amazing. I’m an academic by day, so I also appreciate it on a technical level as a truly novel form of governance. If there is any way to help out, I am very enthusiastic about it.

want to be a part of your program sir.

Have been investing in PowerPool and new here on the blog. Love this idea and like to be part of it if there’s any way I can help with!