PowerIndex Testing


Here we want our testers to write about their experience using the PowerIndex: thoughts, improvements, UI bugs, etc… We will use your feedback to make it better for all the other users.


Hey guys.
I like the Power Index (Pool and Swap pages) pretty much.
I tested it yesterday at ~2 am (so was pretty tired and disorganized) and I didn’t use any instructions, I believe this is a clear sign that everything is quite simple to use:)

Below is my report in google doc format, lets share our opinions. Very interested in your experience!


Sorry, I may have missed the announcement but how can I get my hands on the testing? Thanks.

Is it only for gamma testers or everyone?
I think it’s for gamma testers because I don’t have any tokens on Kovan to test.

It was open for everyone. There was an open form and we selected five people from community (it is enough for testing reasons + we cannot spend a lot of time time to work personally with testers now as we have a lot of development stuff to do). Note, that there were no rewards of any kind for this testing activity, The mainnet Baby version of index (MVP of Power Index) will be launched from day to day, so everyone will be able to check it out.


Well, i was test Power Index too.

@Sergey did great job with report, so a little of my feedback to this.
I feel it’s not really necessary to say certain things twice-told, cause of Sergey’s amazing job.

Whole process

Simple? Yes.
In current design its easy to do if you ok with liquidity pools itself.
Deposit (1 asset or multiple assets) and get some PPT (LP tokens like BPT in Balancer).

Love UI, mostly easy to understand what to do.

In case you want to swap one to another you can do this through power pool interface.

It’s quite easy, but i have some points

  1. Customize slippage is very important part of swap. Definitely needed.
  2. While testing this part at first try i get strange error: not sure if it’s my mistake or something with dapp, so waiting for team response.
  3. After your swap - assets reset to default pair lend/yfi. Kinda annoying.

Depositing/removing pool liquidity

Well, it’s the most interesting part because of UI and design. On the same page you can see your balances, your share, etc.

It’s really close to https://yieldfarming.info/ which is great instrument. So really love it.

My takes

  1. In multiple assets deposit/remove option button “unlock all” or “unlock all on the wallet” will be really cool. Yeah, i guess, it will be still 2 or more transactions, but at the same time wil be more comfortable.

  2. When i remove my liquidity - it was kinda hard, because of there is
    a) No “max remove” button
    b) No estimated quantity of asset(s) that i can get in exchange for my PPT. This experience can be a little better.

  3. When you deposit liquidity in multiple assets option, for some reason, you need deposit assets (in my case CRV and YFI) in equal parts which is pegged to usd as far as i understand. It’s not cool at all in case that you wanna deposit different tokens in different proportions.

  4. Lack of explanations on the site. About what is PPT/etc. For new users specially it can be really bad.

In conclusion, really love PowerIndex, because of easy-to-use way and great design.
Need few improvements that both me and @Sergey mentioned and it will be the candy.


While testing deposit into pool i had once this failed transaction: https://kovan.etherscan.io/tx/0x793bd6161dfd6f7e473598ebcac11a80be5ef6b3a1673a37e337dea0671dba10
Already reported to the team and waiting for response.

Feel free to discuss!