Power pool elevator pitch

I need help putting together a elevator pitch for Ian Ballina and the token metrics investor group of which I’m a member, as well as there general social media audience. in the investor group is many crypto influencer’s and investors.

the goal of the pitch is to create enough interest to schedule a AMA with Ian and the token metrics Sunday live stream or the bi weekly investor call that frequently features crypto project CEOs CTOs and developers.

will also need to show off power pools code. if the TM team likes the code review its a big boost.
power pool did have a code review prior to main net launch so the info on the tm site is a bit dated.

when the pitch is ready i will submit it to Ian and the private investor group. and help to coordinate communications with power pool.

lets work together to get power pool up front and in the spotlight.


I would say, that PowerPool is a Crypto Index PowerHouse.

PowerPool v2 is allowing permissionless launch of new indexes with active strategies. Index weights are automatically control by external signals such as M.cap to achieve maximum price performance.

PowerPool has an ecosystem of intertwined products. The PowerPool indexes allows crypto investors to diversify their risk into great projects, or have a higher concentrated bet into the tokens they want, generate active income from holding these projects, all in a manner that is as simple as holding just one token representing the underlying assets. PowerPool also has its own oracle, PowerOracle that it uses to actively return real time accurate price feeds that are openly available for use by anyone, maintained by validators called “fishermen”.

PowerPool has superior, audited, secure tech constantly being pushed out by a maestro development team as well as an engaged community that helps push the protocol forward, that help differentiate it from its competitors. In the coming few weeks the product will allow the permissionless launch of new indexes, dynamic weight changing of the underlying assets of the index so that you keep more of the best performing assets without having to buy, sell or lift a finger. On top of that, you will be able to generate income from the underlying protocols by staking the assets you own all handled by the index making it super easy.

All these benefits and we haven’t even spoken about the potential of the CVP token that is used to govern the decisions made in this protocol. The fees generated by users that interact with the product go to a community treasury that is governed by CVP holders. CVP holders vote on protocol upgrades, changes and everything concerned with the project. “Active” CVP holders will be able to stake their CVP, and receive more CVP similar to xSUSHI that purchases CVP from the market using fees generated by the indexes, creating a positive feedback loop of buying pressure.

PowerPool has a fantastic community that has grown, we are getting new community members joining and we are considering the launch of a management board that will further improve the efficiency of our project and open up new avenues for growth.


this is very good so far can a dev jump in and list a few Bullitt points to hit regarding powerpool v2 and and new features to be deployed.

if we can set up a AMA session who is avaible for the interview?

I think @Sergey or @vasilysumanov will be able to do the AMA, especially as they could be chosen as Management Board members. They can give some great inputs in this thread as well.

So is it happening tomorrow? Were they interested enough to shedule an AMA for PowerPool? Do we community members ready to do the AMA?

ive been on vacation with no internet the last 5 days. ill see what i can arrange and let u all know.

@Sergey are you up for the ama if i can get it arranged?

Sure mate, thanks for putting your effort to organize it

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