PIPT Mining Poll - CVP Rewards - HELP

I was staking PIPT into the PIPT Pool to get CVP rewards.
I went to the web site this morning and cannot find the pool anymore…
Can someone can help me and explain what happened and how to access to my PIPT and CVP rewards ?
Thank you very much

you can fund PIPT related pools here: https://powerindex.io/#/mainnet/0x26607ac599266b21d13c7acf7942c7701a8b699c/harvest

If it’s nor there, then it’s a deprecated pool, and you need to check this page:

I am trying w¡everything and neither my 4000 PIPT nor my CVP are showing up … What is the way to get them back please

OK !! I put it in Deprecated pool
What will happen to these pools ? Should I let them there?
What should I do now as new investment strategy ?
Once again thank you for your guidance

Deprecated pools no longer provide rewards. Claim and withdraw everything and stake your tokens into new pools: https://powerindex.io/#/mainnet/farming/

Reach out to me on Discord, I can help you more

One lastly question - I have 378 CVP but 199 Vested Only
Should I wait 10 more week to withdraw them all ?
Or do it today and in 10 weeks ?

I am contacting you in discord in 5 minutes
Thank you

I staked PIPT and unstaked as pool cycle is completed. I would like to restake if I deposit my PIPT will this start a new staking period with cvp rewards. Is there any development on PIPT becoming dynamic like SASSY… Also how long does the staking last for before you move any deposits to depreciated pool. Thanks…