PIPT and depreciated pool help and understanding

I staked PIPT and unstaked as pool cycle is completed. I would like to restake if I deposit my PIPT will this start a new staking period with cvp rewards. Is there any development on PIPT becoming dynamic like SASSY… Also how long does the staking last for before you move any deposits to depreciated pool. Thanks…

could you specify your question. What’s the problem exactly?

  1. Pools are move to “Deprecated” section when the rewards for the free ended (APY = 0%)

  2. There is no “Pool cycle”, my guess is that you are referring to 10 weeks vesting of rewards, here is an explanation about it:

Today, you earned 70 tokens. They will linearly (gradually) vest (unlock) for 10 weeks. Every day you vest 1 token, but in reality, you vest a fraction every 15 seconds.

Tomorrow you earn another 70 tokens. They will gradually vest (unlock) for 10 weeks as well.

So this process continues until you unstake your PIPT/YETI/LP tokens. In this case, you vest the rest of your tokens entirely in 10 weeks.

  1. Yes, there are plans to restructure PIPT and use DAMM (PowerPool v2) technology for it.
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Has the rewards for staking PIPT finished for good. I have been waiting to restake after the earlier pool was depreciated. The apy has remained at 0 so I haven’t. Will the LP PIPT /ETH option be the only option for rewards into the future. Big thank you for all your help.

for the time being - yes. There are no plans to relaunch rewards for simple PIPT staking.

ok that’s great, thanks again for your help.