NFT Index Fund- Help Decide the Composition!

Hello fellow…CVP holders! (do we not have a mascot?) I’m currently drafting a preliminary proposal for an NFT index fund and I need your help!

But…PowerIndex hasn’t even launched yet! And why an NFT Index?
2 main reasons…

  1. A second index fund would highlight PowerPool’s robust infrastructure and its ability to create fast iterations of future indexes, further differentiating PowerPool from other competitor protocols.

  2. NFTs are an emerging market sector, and there are currently NO NFT index fund offerings. Let alone any that do anything with the underlying GTs. Great opportunity to be first-to-market here! The sector also provides distinct opportunities for aggregated governance (imagine NFT farming en masse).

The Question is… What NFT tokens would BEST suit a Powerpool NFT index?

Remember, the name of the game is to accumulate governance power that provides value for us stakeholders! Individual NFT’s wouldn’t qualify, but a marketplace GT like $RARI would. Digital land ecosystems ($MANA/$SAND), rare art NFT collections ($WHALE/gaus.eth’s upcoming fund), NFT-farming ($MEME/$COIN) gaming-related ($SHROOM/$AXS) are others that come to mind.

I’ve linked to Messari’s summarized twitter thread on the NFT landscape for ideas. I’m going to be diving deeper into these projects and the NFT landscape as a whole to curate a befitting list of tokens to be included in the proposal for voting.

I would appreciate any and all input/leads! What am I missing? Do you participate in any NFT-related governance?

Manbun OUT


I love the idea…I think it would be great if the constituents provide some sort of yield (the way that the constituents of PIPT do)

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Definitely agree. I think that will be a requirement for the shortlist I am curating, as it is one of PowerPool’s core differentiations from other index offerings.

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