Nexus Mutual Insurance Cover Listing

The new Nexus Mutual cover terms are attractive and it would be a good look for Powerpool to be listed under its own name. Currently not listed/visible at all…minimal effort to get listed.

"Following a successful member vote Nexus Mutual Smart Contract Cover will become Protocol Cover on 26th April 2021 at 9am GMT.

Nexus Mutual Protocol Cover: what’s covered?

  • Widens coverage to include oracle, economic and governance attacks.
  • Covers non-Ethereum smart contracts.
  • Specifically includes coverage of Layer 2 aspects.
  • Covers all instances of a protocol regardless of which chain they are deployed on.
  • Introduces a cool down period allowing claims assessors to deny claims if submitted within 72 hours of the event.

it’s definitely worth considering adding Nexus Mutual cover. What do you guys think? @Sergey @DeFi

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I’m def in favor of this prop.

So basically we need to add PP to voting on 26th April?

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Are there any other options besides Nexus Mutual?

Armor no doubt, but most if not the majority of their coverage is sourced from NXM in any regard.

ShieldDAO might be interesting project to consider, when it starts…