More detailed info on pools' fees rewards

Hey guys and especially team members such as @powerpoolAdmin or any other senior CVP supporters (maybe @Sergey or @YanDelphi ?),

I would love to have uncovered some more detailed information on mechanism of power pools’ fees rewards for CVP holders active in PP politics and index holders… Even thought there are several indications in the PP medium articles that CVP holders locking their votes and PIPT/YETI holders are entitled to pools’ fees such as entry, exit and swap fees, the complex and comprehensive (medium) article on the topic is missing, which is quite strange since the fees are supposed to compose a substantial portion of CVP and index holders passive income.

Therefore I would love to invite anyone having more in-deep knowledge how this mechanism works and what are exact conditions for CVP/index holders that would entitle them to these fees rewards. Besides other things I would like to know:

  1. What it means to be active in PP politics (if it just equals to locking the CVP votes and taking part in the voting for/against proposals),
  2. What are the expected fee rewards when taking into account TVL of a certain pool (pls give as at least assumption or an example),
  3. What are the periods these rewards are allocated to the CVP/index holders,
  4. Whether these rewards are paid out in ETH or CVP or in any other asset,
  5. How is the passive income of index holders generated and allocated to them (in their native tokens or in any other asset) and whether their locked staked indexes are gradually increased or they are to be allocated to them on a periodic basis?

I think it would be great and nice to community of fans and supporters to have this information consolidated to a medium article since it can attract more attention from the crypto community and support adoption of PowerPool and $CVP.

Thanks in advance!

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Index fees (0.1% entry fee, 0.1% exit fee, and 0.1% from swap fee) are allocated into a special treasury contract. This portfolio belongs to CVP token holders and will be used in future based on community decisions (We suggest to use it for rewarding active CVP holders):

The other info will be published soon