[Initial discussion & ideas] Proposal 57 - PowerAgent v2 incentivized testnet

This topic is a draft for an upcoming proposal we must create together.

PowerAgent v2 is deployed in testnet: https://goerli.etherscan.io/address/0xd0f154e58ba7b89fe0e466955bc63d772f4c3662

Let’s think together about how to incentivize node runners.

My initial idea is to provide $CVP grants for the node running to users who participated in testnet (testnet doesn’t require real $CVP, only ‘test’ tokens that will be provided to everyone who wants to participate.

Let’s discuss options here and other details related to running the testnet.


Seems like there should be an uptime/no slashing target to meet on testnet? Those that pass the test phase get CVP top-up on their mainnet node stakes to help boost them into higher value signer sets…

Hey guys, it is been a while. I think this topic is very important and we should think about it carefully, I will try to provide a list of my thoughts during the day

here is some general ideas from my side:

  1. Incentivizing participation: To encourage participation in the testnet, provide incentives for Keeper nodes that completed the testnet program and joined early.
  2. Emphasizing security and robustness: reward users who will found any significant issues should be rewarded additionally
  3. Providing user-friendly manuals: please, prepare and share the clear instruction and node running manual
  4. Listen community feedback: I suggest to run Twitter spaces events at launch and during the testnet to share all issues/results and answer community questions
  5. Sharing stats in Twitter for additional engagement - each node runner should share Dune stats related to the address from which Keepers works in Twitter

lets discuss

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Hey @vasilysumanov @betaunit we need to provide a limited grant program for most active node runners in testnet, I think 100 prizes should be enough as incentives, at least 1000-2000 CVP for each node runner. I propose to use the same form which was using at the early testnet with address, nickname on the PowerPool forum, Twitter account, and short information, it should be enough. But we should think which criteria we will use to select people who will get the grants. As I understand, the Goerli ETH and Goerli CVP for staking will be sent to participants, right?

First, we need to clarify:

  1. How many nodes are we going to recruit during the testnet? I think it is 100.
  2. How long for the incentivized testnet?
  3. How to evaluate the effectiveness of nodes?
  4. Should participants who hold $CVP on mainnet get a boost reward?

Yep, a good list of questions

  1. I think 50 is enough
  2. Nobody can predict since it depends on the bug found, etc. I think it should be 2-3 weeks, but without a strictly fixed time. However, the target should be 2-3 weeks
  3. The % of uptime calculated based on the Keeper registration in PowerAgent contract and de-facto tx expected
  • the total time Keeper was registered vs. total testnet running time (for example, it should be >60%)
    → the total number of executions (since it will be a random choice, it shouldn’t be a primary metric of efficiency)

  1. Theoretically, yes, practically we need to think what benefits exactly can we provide for $CVP holders

Hello all,

I am kind of new in Powerpool, during bear market I was searching for old protocols which one can perform well, yes this is not a price talk give me a chance, I found powerpool, read about it, did my research, and got some CVP additional to my ether.

So there is a problem for me as a newbie in these node stuff, How can I run a node in testnet or mainnet, ofc I can find it, but as a protocol that serves in this manner, Will there be any tutorials or instructions in -noob level- for newbies to participate to the incentivized testnet and then mainnet surely.

If it is provided by dev team, it would be perfect.

Also why there is a limitation on testnet phase, isn’t it be good as flexible amount in a time frame which can be used in calculation for rewards and some other incentives ?

Thanks all.

haha, same thoughts. I think a testnet should be split on phases. For effectiveness I think team should create some leader board in dune. It will be great to get some additional rewards.

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Hi, any eta for this testnet phase duration and endings?

I think testnet will last approximately two weeks

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Two weeks should be enough if there are no severe bugs. So are we going to make a draft proposal this week?

Yes, I will combine all ideas from this discussion and make one today


Thank you very much.

Is 2 weeks enough for it, any ideas to make it a bit longer to avoid potential risks or is it good enough what is your opinion on it ?

can’t wait to see the ideas in one message

Is testnet phase active now ? checked https://goerli.etherscan.io/address/0xd0f154e58ba7b89fe0e466955bc63d772f4c3662 but seen no very much activity, am I wrong ?

If not what are the dates for it, this is crucial for powerpool’s future and excited to see results.

We are going to partner with a big node infrastructure provider and plan to do integration with them to allow easy PowerAgent installation alongside with nodes