Index Factory? - Inspired by Curve

Inspired by Curve’s move to allow people to create their own metapools (‘Pool Factory’), I was thinking what if we apply this idea and let anyone to create their own indices on Powerpool?

If we want to curate more on which tokens can be part of indices, we could build a whitelist of tokens that people can use through governance. Otherwise, create any index, but use it at your own risk.

What are your thoughts?


anyone can create an index with PowerPool. You need to design it, gather support and launch the proposal. Tech is very versatile and a launch of a new index is not a hard task now.


Yes, we plan to do it - check out our 2021 vision and roadmap: Permissionless Indexes
Coming soon!


Yep, it’s in the roadmap and I missed that previously. It’s interesting that Curve one is made super simple to add a pool

We need to think about network effects. What value these pools will get by launching on top of PowerPool vs launching basic AMM pool on Balancer? Now we can offer:

  1. DAMM (but, you need to add all tokens from the pool to the PowerOracle first)
  2. Protection from hacks (stop swaps in case of trigger for example -20% price in short time period)
  3. Automatic trading strategy (weigths changing according to logic that you will define by yourself)
  4. Integration with other pools (swaps routing)

All of this isn’t implemented yet as a “one-click” solution working from the box. But will be.
Share your ideas WHY PowerPool-based index vs Balancer and how CVP token value can grow from that (not only based on fees deposited to the CVP treasury)

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Where is that? where is that 2021 roadmap/vision?

Here you go:

I love this idea. I just wish it could be a simple user defined strategy, instead of a proposal.