Can someone provide an algorithm ?
Isn’t PIPT’s price supposedly follow it’s underlying assets average price ?
For example the last 3 days average price of the tokens in the pool is up around 6.8% when pipt’s price is just 3.9% up , meaning if we just hold the assets we would have more gains than hold the token that represent them

Hi, sure.

  1. Fair price (Price of underlying assets), go to

Devide TVL by Total supply.

  1. Market price, you can find this price on Balancer or Coingecko

The difference is, far price is just the price of underlying assets, while market price is demand driven and usually has some premium

Regarding the price movement, since it’s an AMM balancer pool, it doesnt follow the market 100%. try ths article tto get some idea about AMMs:

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Great! Thank you so much for your answer!

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