Help with understanding Supplying to yla

Hi i supplied usdc to the yla vault using the infinity option. I shouldn’t have done this as I misunderstood the process. I then proceeded to click the lock button and approved a transaction a number of times. I thought stupidly that i was locking in the tokens individually. Could you guide me on how to rectify my actions. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @goldski
I’m also new here and have never supply to YLA… yet…
but as I understand the Zap function will deposit money in to the pool in 2 situation:

  1. when the total deposit amount reaching the 500k mark or,
  2. when the time reach in the bottom saying “Until Distribution”

So you should check back when the time reach which currently still a 20 hours countdown!
Again, I’m no expert here and just think a simple explanation can chill you out! Cause I’ve been there… lol

Hey guys,
“Infinity Approve” is just a permission function, it’s an actual supply transactions.
“Lock” - is an opposite of approve, so you basically given and then withdrawn permission.

Plz refer to this guide: