Governance: Where are the 300 alpha, beta, gamma testers?

Powerpool is probably one of the projects I’m most interested in, and if you are reading this it probably is for you too.

My question is really simple, where are the 300 alpha, beta, gamma testers that were SOOOO interested in participating in the project?


Yes, I am here, I wouldn’t be shy about saying that I am one of the early testers

I’m glad you are here, all I’m saying is that I see them more active dumping their airdrop then participating here. This vesting period is ridiculous

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Great question? How is all this CVP getting siphoned out? Im not psyched about this!!! Not good for healthy community

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Hello there from beta-tester.

Was here from day 1 (you can check my messages in proposal 1 + proposal 2 topics).

Agree with @ethereum that i wouldn’t be shy about this.

There’s nothing to be shy about guys, I’m glad you are here participating, as this is probably as important as the testing itself. I sent the initial message out simply from monitoring the activities in this forum. Proposal 1: Increase LP rewards (1.1K views, lol), Proposal 2 and 3 barely 300 views. Delphi’s proposal Re-imagining the PowerPool < 250 views. Then you can compare through etherscan and see the tx of the early testers, pretty active.

We obviously have to find a way for the community to engage more. IMO all testers should have been “forced” to participate actively around here, although I know in practice it’s not realistic to monitor/evaluate this.

We need more active stakeholders participating in these discussions, like you 2 and the guys from Delphi Digital.

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Well. Cant really speak about Alphas (because im not one of them), but we - betas and probably gammas - waiting for voting with locked tokens (it was announced here and at the moment contract in audit process).

So we can start our onchain activitys. :slight_smile:

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I think the vesting period is decent. Some guys get 10% of their tokens in a few weeks and you could observe whether they are aligned with the project or not. The other 90% will still take six months to vest during which collective action can push the price of the token easily into the $40 range.


Shouldn’t all the testers qualify for criteria and on-going commitments otherwise lose their allocation?

I’m from alpha
Embarrassed to say, I found out about the forum after a message from the team, you need to push this info more actively. But I’ll be more active now.


hey buddy, me too. I have registered two days ago as I get an email from the team, ready to support the project, last month I couldn’t even imagine that PP will be developed so fast, proud to be an alpha tester.
btw we should create a room like alpha lounge or smth like that.

+1 here

Admin, create a room for testers pls

Welcome to all the newcomers!

We’ve already created the Gamma lounge and we’ll probably create just one Testers Lounge, for all the Alpha, Beta and Gamma testers. I’m not sure that it makes sense to divide it by rounds right now.

Yes, let’s push it. Testers have to support project actively. I think it will be good to make the tool, tracking their on-chain activity - participation in votings, proposal submission, etc

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Not to say anything bad about the alpha/beta/gamma testers, but the team should be very careful with this.

This is quite an obvious signal for the market that the project is in fact ruled by n people which have 15% of TTS and almost all circulation supply in hands.

Well, I personally hold CVPs and mine, but what is the reason for retail investors to purchase CVP?
Yes, 40% of tokens were not sold with 50-90% discount to VCs, but almost all circulating supply was distributed for free to the testers.

Even if 50% of testers will stay with the project and hold tokens (which is a very optimistic case), than 50% of TTS will be quickly or slowly dump on retail investors.

Now you create a closed group for the testers. Well, that’s great, but what is the real reason to additionally promote the testers who receive 15% of TTS. How will this closed group be separated from the remaining part of the community?

Like the community creates a visibility of activity, while all the key things are being made in the closed group of those who received CVP for free?


We can protect token holders from the dump by extending lock-ups and vesting for Beta/Gamma.

Yes, we discussed this in this and other topics.
But the Beta/Gamma tokens are not even here yet. While the dump is here.
Even selling pressure from Alphas was enough to drop the price from $16 to $3.

But in this topic I am rather discussing this “closed group for the testers”. Just have pretty strong allergy for this. I didn’t invest in project which will be ruled by large number of anons received 100% of circ supply for free…


Agree. Hope to find a way to discuss more on this topic. (or has there been more answers from the team I was not able to find yet?)

nope, unfortunatelly this is completely not transparent

Its all about Uniswap liquidity only. So we need to increase it.

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