Governance: Voting Power for liquidity providers

In an effort to reflect all CVP holder intentions, implementing a mechanism that would allow liquidity providers to generate votes via BLTs would be favorable.

Currently, as the Governance system works, the liquidity that is being provided is left out of voting on governance proposals. Not only would this provide a greater level of transparency to all holder intentions, if liquidity providers were granted a greater multitude of voting power per BLTs, this could provide yet another benefit to incentives liquidity growth.

Perhaps one of the methods to meet the proposal, “Decrease a minimal CVP balance required to create a proposal,” could be met via a quantified denomination of BLTs qualifying for proposal creation?

I look forward to everyone’s thoughts… :brain:


Note: BLTs are the example provided. This proposal is intended to include any LP, be it Uniswap or any future LP.

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I have asked them about it. They are developing a Voting Power for Liqudity Providers, but it seems has not finished yet, Let’s wait it. Currently, only CVP Voting is available.


The team has already answered this question.
Please refer to this article:

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Absolutely, this is what I am talking about in the closing section of the Proposal #2.

So, I believe the most fair scheme should allow to create the proposals to those who at the same time

  1. LP
  2. Holder of CVPs in the wallet

And the total CVP (in LP and in wallet) should be summed up

The same for the voting power

We should incentivize both LPs and holders and give more power to those who shows commitment by their capital invested.

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So, as I understand this is solved

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It is fantastic to see the dev team so quick to fill such gaps!

I really like Sergeys’ proposal for proposal-creators to hold CVP while simultaneously being a contributor to LPs.

I would personally like for LP providers to hold more voting weight than CVP holders.