Governance: PowerPool (dev)team information missing?

Hi guys, I think that PowerPool and Power index is really great product, however I miss some transparent and easy-to-find information about the team of the project. After some google searching I found out that the main investor of PowerPool is a group of five people in the corporation Delphi Digital but still don’t know who is who in the PowerPool organizational structure, who is responsible for what, who are the developers responsible for coding and so on. I think it is crucial to have all of the information somewhere on the project website to be absolutely honest about the team and its capacity to deliver the high quality product. Without this easy-to-find information some people might wonder, if this is not scam project especially with the unbelievable APY of the current liquidity pools.

Please be so kind and respond to my concerns. Thanks in advance.


@Glow thanks for bringing this here

This topic has been discussed multiple times in discord, I personally raised it several times since august:)

So despite there are some pretty strong arguments suggesting the team is legit, I see the situation this way:

We need to be able to attract both retail and institutional funds to be able to scale TVL.

  • Retail investors (whales and smaller investors) especially new commers are pretty much concerned with anonymous team, but I believe with most of them this is possible to negotiate.
  • (my personal nightmare) Institutions - we have an issue here: ultimately as an institution you are responsible for other people’s money. Would you put such funds into an anonymous project? Of course not. What will you tell to the LPs (investors) in case of any issues? LPs maybe nice when an anon team earns them nice APY/returns but in case of any failure portfolio manager will be responsible for it. And LP will not listen to arguments like " the team are anons, we cant reach them out!" or “there were other reputable guys like Delphi among the supporters!”

At the same time

  1. Our main competitors are VC backed non-anon teams
  2. The YFI ecosystem projects are not anons as well

So overall it looks like this will be better for the project if the team would go de-anon
Otherwise at some point even having the best product on the market PP will not be able to scale TVL, while the competitors will

This can be partially mitigated if YFI acquires/merges with PP, but is this the best time now? I doubt:)

@powerpoolAdmin what do you think?


Just to confirm, Delphi isn’t in the Powerpool organizational structure. We were one of the many Gamma round members, meaning the tokens we received in that round are still locked until April. Only Alpha round members received tokens that are currently unlocked. Our involvement with project was based on our desire to participate in the opportunity to increase participation in governance across the industry. We put together an early proposal for the powerpool index and provided some additional proposals along the way to help refine the design.

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OK, so can I assume that you know who the core team members are, and that their intention and the whole project is legit? Can you react, @YanDelphi pls?

Of course not - by “supporters” I only mean that Delphi (I) invested in PP (was stated publicly by Delphi) and (ii) taking active part in governance and kinda advisory

@Sergey please explain… are you the same person as @YanDelphi and legal representative of Delphi Digital at the same time?

lol, why?

No. I am Sergey, absolutely public person.
Not affiliated with Delphi
Just has been LPing from the very start of the project and also have been pretty active on govn forum, discord etc. But I am on my own

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