Governance: Nomination for PowerPool Politician

I formally nominate myself to be considered as a PowerPool politician. This is the best time to launch my bid given that main-net’s launch is imminent. It’s time to move fast. We need someone to lead the conversation and organize the troops. I believe I’m suited for this job as I have proven myself to be an active community member on the forums and in governance. I’ve started two governance proposals and got one created, because you can’t have two proposals voted on at once, and I’ve voted in every governance vote. I’ve organized community members that got conversations started and changes made, especially the revision of the distribution schedule, which had bilateral support. This proposal required all hands on deck. I urgently brought the PowerPool team, Delphi Digital, testers, and active community members to the table to discuss different proposals, and eventually vote on it. I will bring this same level of dedication and bipartisianship if elected as your protocol politician. I’m looking forward to representing and working with the community no matter if you’re a tester, liquidity provider, or passive token holder.

I believe in PowerPool’s mission, community, and team. I often hear of PowerPool regarded as an “experiment”. This isn’t an experiment. PowerPool wasn’t tested in a controlled lab for two years while being funded by VCs. It was forged by a fast moving team, 300 testers, and enthusiastic community members. PowerPool has the opportunity to fix voter apathy in DeFi which will lead us to many more corridors.


  1. Business developer/Strategist at a Defi project
  2. Background in finance and politics
  3. Active community member on forums and community discussions
  4. Skin in the game (PIPT-USDC LP)
  5. Responsible, bipartisan, and logical decision making process

Besides myself, I would endorse @Sergey for PowerPool politician if he chose to run. Sergey has displayed his excellence and commitment through many critical discussions on the forum and off. I’m glad to commence the conversation on protocol politicians, among the many other conversations needed to be started.

Thank you for reading!


Great. It’s nice to have people like you making a very positive contribution to PowerPool’s success

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Thank you for your support!


Great, @DeFi. keep pushing!


I enjoyed reading your post, very well-written, and appreciate your attitude and initiative.


Dr, great to have your support!

I think you are one of the best candidates.


Thank you for the kind words. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see done!

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We definitely have a great candidate here! I think @DeFi has been one of the most active members in the community, always pushing to drive positive change for the protocol.