Governance: Gamma Testers thoughts/experience around lock-ups & vesting

What are the gamma testers thoughts on new proposals including lockups / vesting in general?

Interested to hear.

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I’m not entirely convinced of reducing the number of sheets. It’s sad to extend the period because I think it’s a violation of the contract, but it’s still more convincing than reducing the number. I’m ready to accept a 12 or 18 month old rock.

Also, the biggest fear is that after this proposal is adopted, another proposal will be disadvantageous to the gamma tester. So even if some proposal is adopted this time, I would like to ask you not to change it in the future.

As the project team we understand these concerns. We support opinion, that all changes approved now shouldn’t change anymore by any other proposal. In addition, the Beta/Gamma testers should participate in this vote anyway. We developed special voting contract to allow you to vote without deployment the vesting contracts (if we will deploy them, nothing can be changed anymore).

So, your voice will be heard as well as voice of Beta testers.


I have no issue with it and comfortable with the decision & outcome. The community has spoken! :wink: