Gitbook Community Challenge


Incentivize PowerPool community to contribute to the PowerPool Gitbook documentation:

  • Find and correct any mistakes, typos and other mishaps if found;
  • Create and publish additional content:
    • Instructions
    • Technical specifications
    • Explanations
    • Marketing materials and materials which can benefit the PowerPool community and raise the brand awareness of the PowerPool DAO and the PowerAgent network.



The challenge starts on February 15, 2024 and spans 1.5 months (ends on April 1, 2024).


Contributions from participants are accepted in any form in this topic. The full commit should be attached in the forum post.


$2000 in CVP is proposed to be distributed amongst most valuable contributors in the following categories:

  • Instructions and Guides - $400 in CVP at the moment of the payout

    Create instructions for users and noderunners on different aspects of the PowerAgent network interaction

    • 1st place - 250$ in CVP
    • 2nd, 3rd place - 75$ in CVP
  • Technical commits - $800 in CVP at the moment of the payout

    Contributions expanding the technical description sections of the PowerAgent

    • 1st place - 250$ in CVP
    • 2nd, 3rd place - 75$ in CVP
  • Template commits - $400 in CVP at the moment of the payout

    Create and thoroughly describe templates for various automated scenarios. Commit the automation task into the Github Repository and provide the cover text explaining technical details.

    • 4 prizes - 100$ in CVP
  • Free commit (which does not fall in the categories above) - $400 in CVP at the moment of the payout

    • 4 prizes - 100$ in CVP


  1. The challenge ends on April 1, 2024
  2. The PowerPool Research team collects and reviews all contributions made (and possibly approved) during the Challenge
  3. The PowerPool Research team moderates the contributions by the following criteria:
    1. Usefulness - contributions which do not hold any value or novelty will be declined
    2. Safety - harmful or discriminative contributions will be declined
    3. Correctness - contributions containing false and/or misleading information will be declined

:exclamation: PowerPool Research Team leaves all rights to carry out judgement based on subjective metrics and in correspondence with its members’ experience and vision.

  1. All contributions are presented in a list form on the PowerPool governance forum
  2. The PowerPool Research team nominates the victors
  3. Payout is carried out within a week after the nomination.

Thanks for posting. I think this is further proof that PowerPool offers continuous earning opportunities for both node-running Keepers and templated service Developers. Keepers helping Keepers, and Developers helping Developers is part of the Community ethos. There are no dominant VCs in PowerPool, so each of us must think like WE are the VCs, and contribute to the Community.

Keepers: We have over 110 Keepers active on Gnosis Chain, but how many of those can we expand across all the chains we plan to support? What can you post to help others? Not everyone can run a BNB Chain Node, but L2s should be manageable, with help, not just via GitBook, but in Discord as well.

Developers: Every day brings more potential use cases for automated services. Grants are available, but our vision is that any Developer will be able to post Templates on our DAppStore offering automated services that pay micro-royalties (and contribute to common goods) directly to their own nominated wallets. We need active examples of this direct developer payment paradigm to demonstrate this in action, to attract more developers, who will suddenly realise that they can work for themselves, no VCs or other project needed, no dubious tokens needed, and an ever-expanding number of EVM chains/layers and use cases to address.

Most of you are aware of DeFi automation use cases, but let me suggest another:
On-chain Billing - It is increasingly clear that content/endpoints will be exposed/validated via on-chain hashes, as will identity, as will a time line of events. The What, the Who and the When are all going to be on-chain. The issue, as Web2 moves toward Web3, is how will the billing be done? How will content owners bill identities each time they access a service? This is a potentially huge use case for automation services. We need proof of concepts running so that we ourselves can understand how to address this use case. It is very, very unlikely that everyone in Web2 will write their own billing modules.

There are many, many more ideas. We need to progress automated multi-token PowerBaskets, for example. But we first need to attract enough Developers who have $CVP skin in the game and want to earn royalties from the DAppStore.