Development Progress - Roadmap

I was reading the vision and roadmap and it was quite exciting to read. Given the goal of governance and providing a means for best allocating resources. I would love to have a formal method of conveying progress, responsibilities and priorities in regards to the roadmap.

Are there certain team members dedicated to different aspects of the roadmap? What are the major hurdles for implementation? What are the time frames for implementation? What parts of the work are in the research phase vs the development phase?

Now our top priority is to launch ASSY and enable AAVE YFI SUSHI SNX staking there and in other indexes which contain aave/sushi/yfi to enable cashflows for PowerIndexes users. The meta-governance portal and snapshots (to eliminate gas costs for voting) coming soon as well.

Dynamic AMM is researched now by @vasilysumanov and Token Engineering team.


Quite happy that staking with YFi, Sushi, Snx is happy on that priority list.
Whoop whoop to @vasilysumanov , if your progress in research includes citations and references, i would love to read as you continue along. Let us know if there is anyway we can help on the crowd sourcing side of your research.